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Hey guys!

My names Sinead, I'm a 20 something y/o gal from Galway, Ireland. I started this blog waaay back in 2013 but I have recently decided to revert my hundreds of blog posts to drafts, keeping the memories to myself and having a little bit of a fresh start on here.

My new vision for this little corner of the internet is for it to be a mostly lifestyle blog - where I talk about my experiences and thoughts on various topics. I hope you find my musings relatable and I hope coming here feels like a warm cosy hug when you need it most. 

I definitely don't have life all figured out (not even close) but I am trying my best to have a positive outlook, always be kind, and to live as happy a life as possible. I hope I can inspire you to yearn for the same.

Life is a struggle for all of is but it is also so beautiful, if you open your eyes.

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Mera said...

Nice title for your blog and love your pictures (nice photography). All the best for your blog :)

Almera | http://almeratalks.blogspot.com/