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4 Apr 2021

Weekly Reset Routine

One thing I have found to help me immensely over the past year has been getting into routines, whether it be a morning routine, evening routine or weekly routine I have found making plans and being conscious about tasks I want to get done to be so beneficial in maintaining a healthy mindset, especially in these crazzzy times. I don't believe routines are for everyone, some people can be perfectly productive without creating and carrying out routines. That ain't me though, I am such a procrastinator and if I don't think about what I need to do and organise my time I will probably just spend hours aimlessly scrolling on Instagram.

I do my weekly reset routine every Sunday in preparation for the week ahead and honestly it is my favourite routine I've gotten in to. It makes me feel like I am clearing out the cobwebs of last week and entering into a new week with a fresh and positive mindset.  

So here is what I do every Sunday to hit 'reset' on my week.

Deep clean & tidy

I wouldn't suggest leaving all your cleaning to one day and living like a pig the rest of the week, I keep on top of things every day, but on Sundays I go a little deeper, y'know, change the bedsheets, dust surfaces, I tidy up my wardrobe (I'm so bad for just throwing my clothes in during the week) finish up any little jobs you had maybe started throughout the week so you're beginning the new week spic and span!

Clear your digital space

Every Sunday I like to spend a few minutes clearing out picture and screenshots on my phone I don't need anymore, before I started doing this I had like a useless photos cluttering up my phone and it seemed like a mammoth task to clear it out. Now it takes no time at all to delete the extra photos of the past week. Other things you can do to clear your digital space is empty your inboxes, delete apps you don't use any more, and deleting unwanted files on your computer. It's so nice starting a new week knowing that your digital space is clutter free, it really is little things like this that can make you feel a tad bit less stressed.

Charge electronics

Don't you hate when you go to use your epilator and it's out of charge and then you have to wait an hour for it to charge so you can't wear the cute shorts you had planned for your date afterall? nothing worse! I now make it a habit to charge all of my electronics every Sunday, my toothbrush, fitbit, air pods, all that stuff. 

Prepare meals for the week

I like to plan my meals for the week every Sunday (I also do my grocery shopping every Sunday so I know exactly what to get) I also have the same lunch every day, I might change it up from week to week, I prepare that lunch every Sunday and have it in the containers ready to take to work.

Have a self-care evening

To reward myself for all my cleaning, shopping and cooking during the day I like to have a pamper evening every Sunday. For this I have a lovely shower with all the works, scrub, shave, hair mask and all that jazz, I then give myself a facial and do my nails for the week ahead. I make time to do all the random little things like remove the lip hair (lol) and tweeze any stray eyebrows. It's nice to have a specific time dedicated to staying on top of these things so I always feel my best. 

Other tasks

  • Wash make up brushes
  • Clean out your handbag
  • Journal your thoughts on the past week
  • Write goals for next week
  • Meditate to re-align yourself

I'm loving having this routine and it's honestly made a huge different to how I feel going into a new working week. Everything is clear, fresh and organised and my life feels clutter free and I am in a positive mindset to give my week my all. I know it's a lot easier to stick to it during lockdown as I of course never have any plans and spend the day at home but I am going to try my hardest to make time for it around any plans I might have on Sundays when I get my life back (lol) 

I hope this routine provides you with a little bit of inspiration, let me know if there's anything else you do for your weekly reset. 

Sinéad x

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