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17 Mar 2020

Things I will never take for granted again

Wow guys, what a time to be alive. I am writing this in the midst of a global pandemic. All of us, the whole world has found ourselves in the most surreal situation where we are being told to isolate ourselves from each other. Here in Ireland, as of March 17th, schools, universities, pubs, most restaurants and offices are closed. Never in a million years did I think something could be so powerful as to close the pubs on St.Patricks day!

For this time I have moved to my sisters house to allow my parents to isolate themselves as they are 70 with underlying conditions. I am happy here, I have my own bedroom, I get to spend quality time with my nieces and nephew, I am cooking yummy food, going for walks and immersing myself in nature. I will most likely have to work from home, which I am ok with, I am fortunate enough to still have an income and something to occupy my mind when thousands of people have been temporarily laid off. 

I am doing my bit by not going out, apart from walks and to the supermarket when needed and I am washing my bloody hands (of course) The thing that's making me the most anxious is not knowing how long all of this will be for...

But it will end and things will get back to normal and oh boy am I going to appreciate everything so much more when that happens. I thought I would share a list of all the little things I am going to cherish when all of this ends.

  • Shaking a strangers hand
  • Having a look in Penneys
  • Popcorn and movies in the cinema
  • Banter with my work pals
  • Coffee shop dates with friends
  • Kissing
  • Hugging my mum
  • Trying out different craft beers in the bar
  • Having family gatherings
  • Going to church
  • Dancing at a concert
  • Getting my hair done
  • Going out for dinner
  • Monday morning rush hour
  • St Patrick's day parades
That's just a handful of things I can see myself appreciating so much more when I get to experience them again. 

Is there anything you would add to the list?

I hope you are all keeping well, remember no matter how lonely you might feel at times, we are all experiencing the same thing, so we may all be distanced but in a way the world has never been closer. 

Sinead x

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