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1 Mar 2020

Starting Over (again!)

Hey guys!

Guess what, I've started from scratch with my blog again!

I promise I will try to make this the last time I wipe the slate clean. 

If you're new here you may think this is my first ever post but you would be very wrong. I've called this little corner of the internet my own since 2013 and I've written over 400 posts on here throughout the years about everything from make-up and beauty to style and life thoughts and experiences. 

Why have I taken years of content and work down you might ask? Well, to be honest, I felt a little uncomfortable having so much of my inner most thoughts out for the world to see. I feel like all my lovely followers have read them, we have chatted about them and now it was time to put them away in a safe place for only me to look back on and reminisce. 

Over the years I feel like I have become disillusioned by blogging, I think because it has become so overly  commercialised. Back when I began, I think only the likes of Zoella made any money from blogging and becoming an 'influencer' was never anything on my radar. 

But as the years went by and more an more people started to make a career out of this I felt like I had to be trying to do that too, I was looking how to use google analytics, create media kits and approach brands and to be honest, it made me hate blogging. I didn't enjoy doing any of that stuff, and I started to feel like I couldn't write anything on my blog because it wouldn't be 'good enough'

I'm not entirely sure of what this little place is going to look like, I just know I want to fall back in love with writing and taking photos. 

I want to talk about things I love, my favourite products and clothes without it having to be a paid for partnership. 

I've come up with the new title of 'The Beautiful Struggle' because life is a struggle for all of us, but it is also beautiful and I want to talk about ways to see and focus on that beauty. I hope when you come here you feel like you can relate, I want this place to feel like a warm hug when you need it most. 

I have made so many friends through blogging throughout the years, connecting with people I would otherwise have never heard of, I just want you guys to come over here again for a chat like the good old days.

Sinéad x

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