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4 Aug 2019

Has Instagram killed Blogging?

Oh Genie, yet again it's been a while eh?! I swear every time I disappear on here it is for longer and longer periods of time, just when you think "that's it, shes finally kicked the bucket" boom I'm back!

As you all know from my blog post back in May, I started a new job so I've kinda been all consumed by that. I'm really happy I made the move as it's a zillion times better than my last job, it's never boring but man it is challenging. There's just so much information to process and I'm still learning something new every single day. It's interesting and I'm loving it but good golly is it exhausting. I feel like my brain is just constantly thinking about work which is something I know I need to fix. 

Thankfully I am off on two weeks holidays now and I can't wait to just forget about work and all the pressures of the past few months and let loose! I am heading off to Budapest to attend Szigit, a music festival over there and I can't think of a better way to let my hair down than bopping along to Ed Sheeran, Florence & the Machine and many others while drinking Hungarian beer, eating burgers and soaking up the 30c heat. Roll oooon I say!

I really want to share the whole Budapest/Sziget experience over on my instagram so be sure to follow me over there and keep an eye on my stories if you want to see what I get up to.
That brings me nicely on to the topic that this post was initially meant to be about before I went rambling on about my life lately (soz about that) Has Instagram killed blogging?

I feel like no one is blogging anymore and it makes me a little sad! Does anyone even read blogs anymore? When I got the urge to write this post, part of me was kinda like "what's the point? no one reads or cares about blogs anymore" Instagram seems to be where it's at, don't get me wrong, I do love following people on instagram and my god are people killing it over there, not just with their photos but with their videos and stories. 

I can see why Instagram is the new blogging, it's a lot more instant and quick and it's easier to interact with each other over there but gosh I just miss the good old days when Blogs were the main platform and insta was a little 'behind the scenes' type thing for the blog. 

For me, blogs are just so much more intimate and personal. I feel like I'm stepping into someone's own little online home which they have created and designed to match their personality. I feel like I am entering their world and having a little cuppa and chat with them. I love digging into a wordy blog post and getting into the thoughts and experiences of someone I would otherwise have never heard of. There's something cosy and reassuring about reading blogs, it makes me feel like there are people out there I can relate to and so I feel less alone in this big bad world. I feel like it's easier to really connect with someone through a blog.

Instagram is great for the beauty/fashion bloggers which has definitely become the most popular kind of blogger but I have always loved personal/lifestyle blogs and I feel like they are so much more suited to actual blogs. I feel like a lot of the lovely personal blogs I used to follow have become fashion Instagramers now and their probably a lot better off for it but I can't help but miss the good ol' days before instagram took over.

What do you think? Is blogging dead? Has Instagram taken over? Which do you prefer? Oh and if you do know of any good lifey type blogs please link them in the comments for me. 

Thanks my loves,
Sinead x

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