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6 Mar 2019

Why Compliments are Important

Friday March 1st was world compliment day, making it possibly the most positive day of the year, and y'know me, I love trying to keep things positive 'round these parts. It would probably be a lot more apt if I posted this blog post on the actual day but I'm trying to stick to a schedule of posting every Wednesday (lets see how long that lasts!)

Are we afraid to give compliments?

I hate to say it but I definitely think people (including myself) are sometimes afraid or reluctant to give compliments. For example, I almost never give compliments to guys in case it comes across as flirting when that wasn't the intention (and even if it was the intention, good luck makin' sense of that!). Sometimes I think people might think I'm sucking up to them if I give them a compliment, especially if it's a person of authority. So many times I think nice things about people but I keep it to myself simply because I don't know how they would react if I told them. 

Why compliments are important

I honestly think the world would be such a better place if we all complimented each other more often. Imagine if every time we thought something nice about someone, even if they were a stranger, we went and told them.

If I am ever having a bad day, you know those days where you just get out the wrong side of the bed, you're tired and cranky and everything is going wrong. A small compliment from someone can really lift my mood, even if it's just a 'your perfume smells nice' or 'you're always so helpful'. And actually what touches me even more is if the compliment is from a stranger, or someone who wouldn't usually give it. The other day in work, a middle-aged man told me that my make-up looked nice, kinda random yes but it totally wasn't in a flirty way and it made me feel really good because I thought 'Jez, it must really look good if he said it!' haha. 

I just believe, if you think something positive about someone - go ahead and tell them, whether that be online or off! It will at the very least make them smile and it might even make their day. No one's going to think you're weird for saying it, in fact they will probably think you're super generous and kind to share such a compliment, at least that's what I thought of that guy in work, even if in theory it was a bit random. 

How to give more meaningful compliments

So you're probably thinking 'right, I need to start throwing around compliments at everyone and spread a little positivity now' but empty compliments, you don't really mean are totally pointless. Y'know those ones you just use to open a conversation or you return because they've given you a compliment, nahhh to them. 

Compliments are always best when they're out of the blue, when something just comes to mind and you share it. Of course compliments on appearance are lovely to receive, whether it be their nails, outfit or hair, telling someone they look nice is a sure fire way to cheer them up. But personally, compliments like 'you're so obliging' or 'you're always so witty Sinéad' are the ones that really touch me right in the heart because I feel like they are more difficult for people to give as they require someone to really pay attention and recognise the good qualities within you and appreciate them. So think about something you really love about someone and go ahead and tell them!

Compliments all come down to making someone feel better about themselves. So here's to sharing the love and raising each other up. 
Sinéad x

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