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13 Feb 2019

Valentines Day is shit

I know I'm totally sounding like a right old negative Nancy judging by the title but I am really not a lover of Valentines day, which probably doesn't surprise you because it is one of those holidays that people either love or hate. 

Even now, in a happy and loving relationship I still find it a bit shit. Maybe I'm just a bit over empathetic but I can't help but think about the millions of people in the world who are looking for love and struggle to find it, or maybe those who have lost the love of their lives, or the people who can't figure out who or what they love, or the people who feel trapped in a crappy relationship. 

Dating is stressful as fuck. I have been let down and rejected many many times in the past and it always made me temporarily feel really shit about myself, of course I got over it and moved on eventually but then Valentines day rolled round and reminded me how God damn tragic my love life was. I mean, who needs to be made feel like that by a bloody hallmark day?

Love is SO complicated and dynamic and definitely not as simple as Valentines day portrays it. I just can't help but feel for the countless number of people who will feel crappy even if it is just momentarily because of this holiday.

Also, when you are in a happy relationship, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Valentines can put immense pressure on a couple, especially if they're new and still trying to impress each other. You feel like you have to go out and get the best lingerie and have the best sex and if he doesn't buy you roses it must mean he doesn't love you, obvs. 

Anyways, rant over. I really don't know what the point of this post is but I haven't blogged in ages and I really felt like writing, I didn't know how to jump back in so I thought 'what's relevant right now?' and that's V-day I guess and those are just my thoughts on it. 

If you are feeling a bit crappy around Valentines and it seems like everyone is coupled up and loved up but you just know you are not alone. The world is full of billions of people who all have different relationships, dating experiences and worries of their own and you are definitely not the only one who feels alone or sad.

Wishing you all a very happy Thursday ;) 

Sinéad x

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