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10 Dec 2018

Cutting down on my Consumerism this Christmas

Does anyone else feel an immense pressure to buy all the things at Christmas? I know I do. It's like everything I see that I semi-like for myself or someone else there is a voice in my head telling me to just buy it because 'it's Christmas' and it will make you or the person you are buying it for happy and everyone should be happy at Christmas. But lately, I've been thinking about how bloody wasteful that is.

I am buying things that I don't really need. A Benefit gift set for myself just because it's a good offer even though I have more than enough make-up. Star-shaped fairy lights to add to the every growing fairy light collection and the fanciest wrapping paper because it's more 'Instagramable' it really is crazy when you think about it. 

This year I am being a helluva lot more conscious with my spending. I am planning out exactly what gifts I want to get my family and friends, or at least narrowing it down, I am browsing online for ideas and picking up as many hints as I can from talking to them. 

I am not aimlessly going into a shopping centre and grabbing everything I think X might like without thinking about the cumulating cost. I have a rough idea of how much I want to spend on everyone but I'm not going to be too strict on it, no one likes a tight arse do they!

I am also trying to cut down spending on the gimmicks associated with Christmas, as we all know, there are many! I am re-using all of my perfectly good decorations from last year. I am not collecting a tonne of chocolates and bottles of wine for 'emergency' gifts which btw, are never really needed! and I am not letting the Christmas offers and gift sets tempt me when I really don't need it. 

I feel like this year I have realised that it's the time you spend with the people you love that really makes Christmas special, cheesy af I know, but it's true! What I am focussing on this year is making quality time with my family and friends. I want to visit relatives I haven't seen in a while, like my Gran, and my cousins who live a good distance away.

I want to put my phone away and be present with my nieces and nephew as they show me the gifts they got off Santa because before long they will be grown and no longer feel the magic of Christmas like they feel today. I want to chat with them and play with their toys.

I want to have a drink or 5 with my brother and his Girlfriend and go on the Ferris wheel with my boyfriend. I want to wander to the Christmas market with my mum get some crepes and mulled wine. 

This year I just want to be with the people I love and enjoy the time I spend with them. It really is the biggest cliche I know but time is the best gift you can give to anyone. 

 So this is just a friendly reminder that you don't have to spend hundreds of euros at Christmas to enjoy it or to show people you love them. The secret really is to just be present in the moment and to be grateful for everything and everyone you have. 

Sinéad x

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