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7 Oct 2018

How to make the most of Autumn

Ahh more Autumn content, just what we all need. No seriously, who else is loving all the Autumn content everyone is producing? This is definitely my favourite time of year in the blogosphere and y'know in general. There are so many wonderful things about this season that should be embraced to the fullest.

I know a lot of people hate the transition from Summer into Winter so this post is for you. I hope this helps you look at the positives and to make the most of Autumn.

Go outside

Going for a walk is my favourite way to take in Autumn. It's a great chance to see the colours of the season, feel the crisp air on your cheeks and hear the crunchy leaves under your feet. If you've got a pumpkin patch nearby why not go and pick out your own pumpkin?! I don't think sucha thing exists in Ireland but whenever I see Americans doing it I get so jealous, that is right up my street.  

Update your wardrobe

We all love Autumn fashion, don't we? I follow so many bloggers who have AMAZING Autumn style and provide me with so much inspiration. I literally want to go out and buy all of the cosy knits, plaid shirts and animal print everything. Embracing the fashion of the season is a great way to get in the Autumn spirit. I'm currently thinking up a little blog post where I share some of my favourite Autumn style picks so watch this space.

Netflix & Chill

As the nights get longer staying in and watching TV is so much more acceptable than during the summer months. This is the time to make the most of your Netflix subscription and make your way through some series. Grab your softest blanket, a hot cuppa and cuddle up. My boyfriend and I are currently watching 'Safe', neither of us have a feckin' clue what's going on in it but we're sticking it out hoping it will all make sense eventually. What show should we watch next?


Right, I'm going to be honest here. I'm more than likely not going to take my own advice on this one because I'm just shit at baking! I do love eating though. So I will happily sample all of your creations. Tis the season of pumpkin spiced everything so if you enjoy baking, make it something festive. I know this isn't baking but I'm definitely going to be making some butternut squash soup, it's kinda an Autumn ritual for me, nom nom.


I have talked about this already in my previous blog post 'Simple ways to bring Autumn into the home' but it had to get a mention here too. You spend so much more time indoors during the A/W months so why not make it all festive and bring the seasons in? Even just switching up the cushions on your sofa and adding some fairy lights can make the world of difference.


Yeahh baby! Halloween does happen in Autumn after all and it is a festivity that is only getting bigger and bigger. Why not embrace it to the fullest, get creative with a costume, it's the one time in the year you can be someone you're not, get crazy and let your hair down! Bonfire parties are also popular this time of year, they don't really happen where I live but I love the idea of having a few beers 'round a bonfire with your friends.

Whether your an Autumn lover like me or you're longing for the summer again, I hope you find a way to embrace the season, even in the simplest of ways. Do you have any tips for making the most of Autumn? do share them in the comments!

Sinéad x

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