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4 Sep 2018

Why I love Instagram despite the algorithm

I can express my creativity

I love photography, I've always loved photography. I'm not saying I'm very good at it, God knows there are thousands of other Instagram users who take much better photos than me but that's not to say I don't enjoy it, so much! I love trying to get that perfect shot of something pretty or interesting. What I love even more is the process of editing it. Instagram gives me a place to keep my little creations together and to put them out in to the world for people to see, even if not that many people see it I appreciate everyone who does and likes it.

It inspires me

Instagram inspires me in so many ways, in all different aspects of my life. 'Outfit of the days' influence what clothes I want to buy, Interiors give me ideas about how I'd like to style my bedroom and stunning shots of Bali or Paris make me want to get out there and travel the world. It gives me ideas for kind of photos I want to take myself for both my blog and my own Insta'.

I admire the creativity of others

Honestly there are so many amazing accounts on there that I admire so much. I'm not talking about those who have 100k followers. I'm talking about those normal girls (soz boys but I tend to follow mostly girls for some reason haha) like you and I who have an amazing talent for taking and editing photos and creating such gorgeous feeds. I genuinely have so much respect for those who put so much time and effort into their Instagram. I'm going to share some of my favourites at the end of the post because why not spread the love?!

I get a glimpse in to bloggers lives

I love Instagram stories for this very reason. There are so many bloggers who I love and admire and to be honest, am a bit of a fan girl for. I feel like stories gives me a quick glimpse in to their everyday lives (not to sound creepy!). It keeps me updated on how they are doing and what they're up to. I also think stories is a great way for bloggers to let their personalities shine more and it's a little bit less edited and more 'real life' than their grids. 

It makes me feel good about my life 

Admittedly, I only post the good things in my life on my Instagram. Y'know, pretty shots of days out, delicious meals and carefully selected selfies. But I kinda love it that way. It means whenever I am having a bad day or feel like crap I can look at my Instagram feed, see all of the good things I have captured on there and be reminded that life is good.

Instagrammers I admire

I just want to share a list of some of my favourite instagrammers. I have so many so I'm probably going to forget some. These are girls I admire so much for their time and effort they put in to their platform and I would LOVE if you went over and checked out their feeds. They all deserve so much more followers!
  1. eldeeable
  2. hobby.tube
  3. lindseyloublogs
  4. andie0402
  5. melicruzv
  6. pipjduma
  7. whatshedoesnow
  8. sophiswearing
  9. luceblogger
  10. jessiestylenotebook
  11. simplyabbi
  12. natalieleanneyt
  13. wearsrosie
  14. shewasadaytripper 
Oh and by the way, you can give me a sneaky follow too sure, my Instagram is SineadKathryn
What are you're favourite things about instagram? Does the algorithm put you off using instagram or do you still love it like I do?

Sinéad x

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