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12 Sep 2018

The art of being yourself online

It's kinda weird how I'm not so bad at being myself in real life but it's something I struggle with online.

It's probably because in real life I am surrounded by real people, not a filtered version of people so I don't feel under so much pressure to be 'perfect'. Most people around me are real and relatable so I feel comfortable just being myself around them.

I don't feel like I need to look perfect all the time. I don't need to have a crackin' figure, a glowing tan or always have my hair done. I don't have to always be in a good mood and have a sparkling personality because no-one is always on 24/7.

 I know that my family, friends and colleagues would much rather I be my authentic self because no one likes a phoney do they?! and in real, day to day life, you can see straight through a phoney.

Without sounding like a complete bellend, I know that just being myself is the best thing I can be because I ain't all that bad!

Online though it's another story. Online, being myself, or more so portraying my real self is something I have to be a lot more conscious about. It's something that doesn't come quite as easily as it does in real life. 

I feel like the main reason for this is because so many people I follow seem so god damn cool, beautiful and just, well, perfect online, especially on Instagram.

Seriously, I would consider myself fairly confident in my appearance but I find myself looking at girls I follow on Instagram in awe, wondering why don't I have those abs, that bronzed glow and the killer wardrobe. I feel like I am just so basic and boring in comparison!

There are times when I feel like I have to look exactly like them, I have to portray that image if I want anyone to be interested in me or if I want my blog to be successful and grow.

To be completely honest, I have tried to imitate them sometimes, by fake tanning the shit out of myself and trying to take cool outfit photos like theirs, but most of the time I look at those photos and never post them because it doesn't feel right, I know that's not me.

Just to clear things up, I'm not saying that those girls I feel I should be like are being fake or unathentic or anything. I believe that is their genuine selves and that's why they are doing so well. They're just a helluva lot more stylish and cool than me lol. 

The real me is as pale as a snowman and doesn't really give a crap. The real me wears unfashionable runners with an outfit because comfort is key. The real me cannot pose for shit! I am not that elegant or sexy and I will never be an Instagram fashion model.

I'm trying so hard to present the most authentic version of myself online, I must remember that I do not need to be doing what everyone else is doing for other bloggers to like me.

I'm constantly reminding myself that the bloggers who I love the most are the ones who are always themselves, unapologetically.

Some of my favourite bloggers are the goofy ones. The ones who aren't afraid to post a not so flattering selfie on their stories, the ones who can take the mick out of themselves and talk about the ups as well as the downs of life. At the end of the day, those are the people I connect to the most and the ones I always come back to. 

There is a lot to be said for being yourself online. Whether you are super glam and know how to work an outfit or you're a little bit more awkward, it is always the bloggers who portray the realist versions of themselves that do well.

Authenticity is arguably the most important quality a blogger can have so here's to always being ourselves, no matter who that is. 

Do you find it challenging to portray the realist version of yourself or have you mastered the art of being yourself online? Let me know in the comments and do share any tips you might have!

Sinéad x

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