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23 Sep 2018

Simple Ways to bring Autumn into the Home

It's September 23rd, which if you didn't know, is officially the first day of Autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere! 

Can I get a collective "Yaaaay"?! It's pretty much a given that every single blogger loves Autumn, isn't it? I think it's because blogging is such an 'indoor on the laptop' activity and it's totally acceptable to spend more time pursuing that hobby all cosy inside on the darker evenings. 

We're free to snuggle up, get stuck into blogging and shut out the world without feeling guilty that you should be outside, going for a run or something as torturous as that ha. 

Of course, one of the best things about Autumn is making your home all cosy and Autumnal and there are so many ways to do that. I'm slowly trying to implement them into my home.

Cosy Blankets

Does anything beat cuddling with your other half under the softest blankey in the world while forcing them to watch 'Bridget Jones Baby'? I think not. If you wanna feel all 'autumny' go for a nice warm colour, thick knit or something check is also a winner for this time of year. 

Scented Candles

I almost cringed writing it because it is SO feckin' predictable but c'mon I couldn't leave it out now could I? Candles instantly make a room feel warmer and cosier (let's start counting how many times I say that word in this post ha) TK Maxx and HomeSense are my favourite place to get candles, they have the most delicious autumn scents, think cinnamon spice and pumpkin pie, yaaaas gimme.

Fairy Lights

Another one that kinda goes without saying! To be honest I love fairy lights all year round but there is something about lighting them in Autumn that makes them feel all the more special. I hang them over my dressing table mirror and on my headboard. They help so much to make a house feel like a home. I love nothing more than putting on a facemask and relaxing in my room with the fairy lights on.

New Bedding

The theme of my room has been pink and grey for like ever but this year I wanted to adapt a warmer theme for a/w I'm swapping the pink out for a nice burnt orange colour and keeping the grey as the neutral. It doesn't have to be an expensive job just a few cushions and a throw and hey presto! Pinterest has such beautiful autumn bedrooms that one day I will hopefully be able to transform my room into! 

New Mugs

Hot drinks are an autumn essential, I love me some tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. So why not buy a lovely seasonal mug to make you feel all autumny while you sip on your drink under your cosy blanket. It really is the little things in life like this that make all the difference to your happiness. 

Autumnal flowers

Girllll I'm talking about those sunflowers, SO BEAUTIFUL! Burnt orange roses are also a winner for me. When you're buying your flowers for your table just keep in mind the season rather than going for your usual favourites. You could even get creative and make your own arrangement using twigs with brown leaves. It really makes a difference in bringing the nature of the season indoors. 

New Tableware

This isn't something I will be doing as I'm not exactly the hostess with the mostest and quite frankly I don't really give a shit about what my table mats look like. BUT last year I wandered into Laura Ashley and seen the most glorious overpriced autumn-themed table setting. Clearly, it must have been outstanding as I still remember it a year from now! I'm talking about soup bowls shaped like pumpkins and big autumn leaves as table mats. If unlike me you're a proper adult and you're hosting a dinner party this would be an amazing way to bring the season in.

Are you an Autumn lover? Are you going to be trying to make your home more autumnal this season and if so, what will you be doing to achieve this? Do let me know in the comments as I am totally open to ideas in the quest to create a cosy heaven!

PS. I only said 'cosy' 5 times in this post, I think that's pretty good going!

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