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30 Sep 2018

6 Things I want to do in October

Tomorrow is the 1st of October! Can you actually believe it? It's crazy how quickly this year is going. It's such a cliché thing to say but Jesus the second half of this year is going by in the blink of an eye! October is definitely one of my favourite months. I'm such an Autumn lover and it's only now that the leaves are starting to turn orange and a chill is coming in the air. I especially love the fact that this month is starting on a Monday, I love when this happens because it feels like a proper fresh start.

Anyway, that's enough waffling on from me, I thought I would share 6 small things I plan on doing in the coming month. Here we go...

Book a city break to Vienna

My boyfriend and I have been planning on going to Vienna at the end of November for ages but we haven't booked anything yet. I want to make it official and get our flights and accommodation sorted this month, well I don't have much choice now do I considering it's only a month away! I'm always lastminute.com haha. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Christmas markets, experiencing the city and spending a day in Bratislava as well. It will be so good to have it to look forward to. If anyone has been to Vienna or Bratislava and have any recommendations lemme know!

Go on loads of Autumn Walks

Going for walks on a crisp sunny Autumn day is like my absolute FAV thing to do ever. It fills my heart with happiness, no joke. Sometimes I find it really hard to make time for it though, especially with the reduced daylight hours. I'm making a pledge with myself to make more of an effort and to try out new walks. 

Blog two times a week

Yesterday, I spent ages writing out a little weekly blogging plan for when to write/take photos etc and I would really like to stick to it throughout October. I always feel so much more motivated to blog this time of year. The plan is to get a post up every Wednesday and Sunday. So here's hoping I stay motivated and my content is half decent!

Get up earlier

I say this all the time and I've yet to make it come true. I just love my bed SO feckin' much in the mornings and I would always love even an extra half hours snooze than to get up before I need to. But I need to get better! I want to just not have to rush in the morning and if I could fit in one of those Autumn walks before I start the day, that would just be amazing and I would literally feel like I'm on top of my life.

Get a massage

I would love if I could fit in a massage some weekend this month. I've been feeling extremely stressed out recently and my upper back and shoulders have been really achy. I think they are full of tension and I am just longing for a good pressure massage every day. I've been putting it off because they're really expensive and not a necessity but your girl deserves a treat I think!

Sort out my wardrobe

It's definitely the time of year for a wardrobe reorganisation, I need to bring my Autumn/winter clothes to the front and put away my summer clothes. I really need to have a clear out too, there are so many things in my wardrobe I haven't worn in years or have only worn once. I'm going shopping tomorrow and I plan on buying some new A/W bits, so there's gonna need to be room made for them.

I hope you all have a lovely October. Let me know in the comments what it is you would like to get done this month.

Sinéad x

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