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10 Aug 2018

How to get over a bad day

I think it's pretty safe to say if you're reading this you're human and you have bad days regularly. Life is tough and there are so many things that contribute to our stress levels. Whether it be a shitty day at work, your friend let you down again, you're having financial worries or you're just feeling downright sick. We've all have days that turn so sour that they just become a complete write-off. And that's totally normal and OK. The tricky thing is pulling yourself together and getting over those days; not letting the bad feelings and stress spill into the following days and stick around longer than it needs to. Afterall, If you had a dozen roses and one of them died would you throw the entire bunch away? That analogy really helps me put things into perspective. 

Go to sleep content           

Right, none of us like to admit it but c'mon we've all cried ourselves to sleep at some stage. I have done it far too many times in those bothersome teenage years when everything was a drama and I have learned that it is not a good idea. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything wrong with crying, I actually think it's a great way of letting everything out and often times things don't seem half as bad after a good cry. It's definitely better than bottling things up. Just don't do it until it makes you fall asleep. You will wake up feeling crappy a.f. which is a terrible start to the following day. Do whatever it takes to make yourself peaceful and content before sleeping, read a book, watch your favourite youtube, do a face mask, whatever!      

Plan something to look forward to 

If I am having a lousy day I find it really helps to plan something nice in the upcoming week. Sometimes I've gone all out and booked a night away for my bf and I, sometimes I plan to get my nails done or go on a shopping trip and sometimes it's something as simple as having a little pamper evening at home or ordering your favourite take away, don't be afraid to treat yourself! 

Spend time with the people you love

On my days from hell when I am hating every minute of work, have a banging headache and feel like I could nap for a week I find that spending time with my favourite people helps me so much. I often go to my sisters' house in the evening and hang out with my nieces and nephew, they never fail to put a smile on my face especially the little one year old. I love babas. If that's all a little too loud and hectic for me a cuddle with the bf never fails to calm me down and cheer me up. 

Treat every day like a fresh start

Uh I know, this is such a cheesy cliché but it's something I always tell myself. When I wake up I promise myself to give the day a chance and I choose to be happy. It doesn't always go that way but I think it definitely helps 90% of the time. Yeah yesterday may have been crappy but it doesn't mean today will. If possible I try to avoid the things that put a downer on my mood previously and really try to improve each day. Haha wow so cheesy I'm sorry. 
I hope this little list helps you overcome your more difficult days and move on from them. I think the most important thing to remember is that it's totally OK to have days where nothing goes right and you're in a terrible mood, every single one of us has them.

Let me know in the comments what you like to do to cheer yourself up? Do you have any good cheesy quotes to help you remain positive?
Sinéad x

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