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31 Aug 2018

Girl Talk | My top 4 feminine hygiene products

So I've had this idea to start a new series called 'Girl Talk' where we sit down and chat about anything related to being a girl really! It's going to feature a range of really broad topics from periods to dating and everything in between. You know those intimate little chats you have with your bff? I want it to be like that. Real casual and relaxed with no boundaries. I'm not going to have a fixed scheduled for this series, not yet anyways. I will just post whenever a topic comes to mind.

In today's post I'm going to be sharing with you my top 4 feminine hygience products, so here they are: 

 Tampax Pearl

I've only started using tampons in the past year or two so I've only tried a small selection of what's available on the market but these are definitely my favorite. Maybe I'm just useless at using tampons but these ones are the easiest to insert, they just slide right in (wow I feel uncomfortable saying that ha!) and you literally feel like you're wearing nothing. Ever since I started using these I am a tampon convert, they're so much more comfortable that a pad (which sometimes feels like you're wearing a nappy...ew!)

Always Infinity Sanitary Towels

These are hands down the best sanitary towels I've every used. As I've said before, I'm not a massive fan of pads but when I have to use them, like at night time, I always go with these. They say they absorb 10x their weight in liquid and that's no lie.  Even when my flow is at its heaviest (nice) these hold it all with no leaking or 'wet' feeling. Who ever created these were a scientific genius, I know I'm sounding over dramatic over a bloody pad (no pun intended) but I actually don't know how they work so well, like, they seem to defy the laws of physics, 10/10.

Femfresh Deodorant Spray

Odour 'down there' is something we don't really talk about. It's not exactly a topic that comes up at the dinner table now is it, well at least I hope not! But it is something all us girls experience at different times during our cycle. Whenever I'm feeling a little insecure I spray some of this on my underwear (you can spray it directly on to your body but it's feckin' freezin'!) and it just gives me a little extra confidence to go on with my day. It doesn't smell of anything really, it's just very fresh and clean.

Mitchum Advanced Anti-Perspirant

Now onto a little less 'intimate' product. The Mitchum advanced anti-perspirant is a game changer girls. I have tried pretty much every spray deodorant on the market and to be honest they don't do much for me in terms of preventing sweating. I really love the 'powder fresh' fragrance of this one, it's just so, well, fresh! and the smell lasts all day. It's a little more pricey than most deodorants but the price is totally justified. Also, it's much more environmentally friendly than aerosol cans. 

If you end up trying any of these products let me know if they work for you just as well. Also if you guys have any suggestions for future topics you want to talk about in the 'Girl Talk' series be sure to drop me a line. 

Sinéad x

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