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28 Aug 2018

Afternoon tea at the G Hotel

Since I updated my blog design with this lovely Kate Studio Designs template I've found a renewed love for my blog and I really want to post more often here. One thing I want to post more of is little days out and fun events, so when I went for afternoon tea on Saturday I knew I wanted to share it on my blog and keep this memory forever. 

My sister bought my Mum and I a gift voucher for afternoon tea at the G as a Christmas present and I know this is crazy but we only got 'round to booking it now - 8 months later! Birthdays and Mothers Day passed us by and we never really thought to use the voucher so we ended up going on just a random Saturday in August. But so what, we shouldn't really need an occasion to treat ourselves every now and again, am I right?!

The G Hotel is a luxury 5 star hotel in Galway city. It's interior is incredibly fancy, in fact some of the hotel interior was designed by the famous milliner to celebs, Philip Treacy. So there's no surprise it's so trendy. Mum and I put on our glad-rags and headed out to pretend we were posh for the day. 

We were given a set menu; the 'floral afternoon tea' so we only had to choose what drink we wanted. There was a large selection of different fancy ass loose teas but both Mum and I went for the standard traditional tea, not very adventurous you may say but I've never been a fan of any other types of tea (they taste like hot fruit juice or mouthwash if y'ask me) so didn't want to risk it. It was a good call though because the normal tea wasn't just any normal tea, it was exceptionally nice, really smooth and rich. 

I am not a fussy eater at all, I will literally eat anything so I actually didn't even look at the menu before eating, I just dived right in and tasted everything. I will admit I didn't even know what some things I was putting in my mouth were at the time, they tasted good and that's all I cared. Since I couldn't tell you what I was eating (apart from the scones, that was kinda obvious ha) I've attached a copy of the menu in case you're interested.

First out was this two tier tray. The bottom plate, the 'selection of savoury bites' was my favourite of the whole thing (I'm way more of a savory person that a sweet person) and I ate all of the gorgeous sandwiches and bites, I even ate some of my Mums she didn't want, I'm a savage I know. The scones on top  were delicious too. There was a plain and a fruit scone each. Topped with jam and cream they were scrumptios.

I was pretty stuffed after all that but we were then presented with a selection of sweet treats. As I said before I'm not really a sweet kind of person (I don't like cake, I'm a weirdo I know) so I wasn't very excited for this. Me being me though I tasted everything. Some of it really didn't float my boat but my mum loved it all so that's just my personal taste. My favourite was the little pistachio ice-cream cone because ice-cream is something I can always work with.

All in all, it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. It would be an ideal thing to do for someone's birthday, y'know get a group of girls together and maybe even have it as part of a spa day. Perfect if you're not in to going out drinking and stuff like that. It would also just be lovely as a way to catch up with a friend you haven't seen in awhile, something different!

Have you ever been for afternoon tea? Did you enjoy it?

Sinéad x

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