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2 Aug 2018

A jolly July

Hey everyone! At the end of last month I wrote 'A Joyful June' where I talked about some of the highs of June. I loved remembering the month as a whole, focusing on the good stuff, being grateful and recording it all on here. I have put the pressure on myself to keep the alliteration up in the titles each month and 'Jolly' was literally the only other 'J' word I could think of...cringe I know but I'm rolling with it ha!

To be honest when I began writing this post I was a bit stumped. Nothing majorly exciting happened in July and I definitely didn't take as much photos as I did in June. I felt a bit down for most of the month because I had a bit of a personal problem I was worrying about - it is all good now by the way! 

Nevertheless here are some of the highs of July.

A Day at Lough Na Fooey    

One of my favourite memories of this month happened at the very beginning. Gavin and I went on one of our spontaneous road trips. This time we headed out west to Connemara and spent the day at the gorgeous lake in these photos. It was so picturesque with clear waters, a sandy shore and a hilly backdrop. The fabulous weather meant we spent several hours at the lake, swimming, sun-bathing and having a bbq. It was so secluded, there wasn't even any mobile data there which I kinda loved; It was an amazing way to rewind on a Sunday. The only bad thing that happened was Gavin standing on the hot sand that the bbq was on for 3hrs and burning his foot, I'm ashamed to say I couldn't help but laugh...ooopsies!

Dining Al - Fresco 

OK so this isn't one specific thing that's happened but they weather in July was unreal for the most part. (It's now pissing rain outside all day so I miss that!) and one of my favourite things to do in the good weather is eat outside. What can I say, it's so rare that we get the opportunity to do that in Ireland so it's a novelty to me! Galway knows how to do cafes and restaurants so well and a lot of them have such great outdoor seating areas that I've tried to make the most of. Seriously, even just having a coffee outside watching the world go by is enough to make this girl happy!

Girls Night Out 

This month I went on a night out with some of my girlfriends from work for the first time in ages! Literally, I can't remember the last time I fully let my hair down, reluctantly necked some shots and danced the night away in a nightclub. Generally, it is so not my scene any more and I much prefer a quieter night - a sure sign I'm getting old! But it felt GOOD to let loose. I need to do this more often! Not too often, I physically wouldn't be able but once every couple of months would be a good way to keep me feeling youthful.

Weekend Away 

Something very rare happened this month - Gavin and I had both had the same two days in a row off together so me being me, never wanting to miss an opportunity booked a night away in a fancy hotel in Athlone (it was a Sunday night so was going cheap...yass) because staying in fancy hotels is like my favourite luxury ever. We did some shopping, watched a hurling match, had a lovely meal and some drinks (vodka and whites for me) and snuggled up in the amazing bed checking out Love Island Australia, spoiler: it's shit!

The Galway Races 

So the Galway races is a week long horse racing festival that takes place every July and it is a huge social event for Galway. Everywhere does be absolutely buzzing - I love it! Of course it's about so much more than just the racing. The style is unbelievable. I went on the first day of the festival with my bf, my sister and her husband. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures - what is wrong with me. Everyone I follow on Instagram and stuff takes such impeccable photos especially at events like this but I was just enjoying the day and didn't even think to go searching for my phone and posing for a photo. Really wish I had now though! You can take my word for it though - the craic was had. I didn't win anything but I didn't lose much either so it's all G.

And that's July done and dusted. How are we in August already and approaching the last few months of the year? I promise myself to be back at the beginning of September with my highs of August (it will most likely be called 'An Awesome August' #cringe) hopefully with a lot more photographic evidence of those highs - I need to get my act together when it comes to taking photos!

I hope you all have a wonderful August and make the most of the last month of summer. Life is what you make it so lets make it the best month yet.

Sinéad x

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