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1 Jul 2018

A joyful June

Hello everyone and happy July! I hope this month brings lots of fun your way and you're enjoying the summer so far. I thought I would write a blog post about some of the good things that have happened last month. June has flown by in the blink of an eye, as do all months it feels as I'm getting older. I'm hoping this will become a new series on my blog where at the end of every month I share some of the good things that have happened that month. I've done this before on a weekly basis but found it quite difficult to 1. make the time every week and 2. have enough things to talk about. My life isn't that exciting that I can write a decent list of fun things every week so I thought monthy would be a lot more achievable. Life is good, there is so much to be grateful for so I want to document and share all those good things. Here it goes. 

Road tripping in the Sunshine

This month was glorious weather wise. We had the hottest June day in decades and the longest heatwave in like a hundred years. Ireland is a beautiful country but when it's grey, wet and miserable it's sometimes hard to see that. It's beauty really shines through when the sun comes out so Gavin and I decided to hit the road and take a trip down to Co.Clare's flaggy shore. We went to the Cliffs of Moher visitors centre where we took a walk a long the soaring cliffs and soaked up the sights. When we were up there we saw little ferries down under the cliffs. I thought the view would be even better from down there so we drove to Doolin and jumped on a 1-hour cruise under the cliffs. Photos don't do it justice but it was honestly so beautiful. There were literally thousands of birds perched in the ledges of the cliffs (mostly puffins, which might I add are my new favourite bird) and flying around them. They were constantly singing and it was so cool to get a glimpse in to their remote and simple lives. 
After our cruise, we drove to Lahinch which is a little seaside town. I've been here many times before and I just love how laid back is is. It's a town that is big into surfing, it usually has pretty impressive waves bit it was pretty calm when we visited. The beach is massive even though the tide was coming in when we arrived. We were kinda hungry so we went and got dinner before a long walk on the beach where we took dozens of photos. There is something so freeing about being by the water, don't ya think?

I became a Huawei Ambassador

When Huawei Ireland got in touch with me via my Instagram wondering if I'd like to become a brand ambassador and be sent the New Huawei P20 lite I was really flattered and surprised that they would want to work with me. Of course, I said yes! A few days later I received a massive box with a balloon inside and my new phone! (check out my highlighted instagram stories to see me unboxing it!) I've been using the phone ever since and I hand on heart love it. My favourite thing about it is the camera, it's unbelievable. In fact, all of these photos were taken with it and I think they are pretty decent, don't you?!

Leah is Standing!

My little niece Leah has come on leaps and bounds this month (which is her 11th month in this world!) Seeing her grow makes me so happy. She started standing this month and now she can jump up no bother without holding on to anything. She hasn't quite managed to put one foot in front of the other just yet but watching her in anticipation is so lovely. She is my fourth nibling (niece or nephew) and this has always been my favourite stage. So cute!

Family barbeques

Some of my favourite things that happen this month I didn't take any photos of which is kinda good and kinda bad. It was nice not to be on my phone and be in the moment but it means I don't have images to remember it by or document on my blog. Anyway, during the heatwave I organised a family bbq for my imediate family, my boyfriend and I. There were 8 adults, 4 kids and a baby. Now I am no cook, and I'm definitely not used to bbq-ing but with the help of my Mam (who pre cooked most things in the oven) I put together quite a feast. We had burgers (obvs) skewers, pork sizzlers, lots of chicken and jumbo sausages. Everyone really enjoyed it and it was so nice to all get together, have a chat and a few drinks, watch the sunset and sit outside until 11pm on one of the few occasions it's possible.

Swimming and Sunbathing

I can't remember the last time it was possible to go to the beach for a swim in Ireland without getting hypothermia. It happens very rarely. I wasn't going to waste the opportunity so Gavin and I packed our beach bags and headed to the seaside. It was absolutely thronged with people who had the same idea as us. Jumping in the cold Atlantic ocean was the best way to cool down. We then got some yummy 99 cones (which we couldn't stop from melting!) It was still 29 degrees at like 8pm..whaaat?!

A New Hairstyle

On the very last day of June I chopped my hair off! I brought it up to shoulder length and got a balayage. It was kinda a quick decision, if I thought too much about it I would probably have changed my mind but I absolutely love it, I've never left the hairdressers so happy. It feels fresh and summery and I honestly feel like a new woman. I kinda see myself keeping my hair this length for a very long time. It's so much easier to manage and I think it really suits me! What do you think?
And that was my June. There have been many happy and fun moments which I hope continue into July. The good weather is promised to last so that's a good start! Please let me Know in the comments how your June was. Did you do anything exciting? Have you anything planned for July?

Sinéad x

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