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19 Jun 2018

My trip to Lake Garda, Italy

Oh dear, it's been quiet a while hasn't it?! Almost 3 months since I last blogged to be exact. I don't really have an excuse other than I just haven't felt compelled to blog, and right now I do so I thought I'd jump straight back in like I never left.

The last couple of months, with the progression in to summer, have been lovely. I have enjoyed the evenings being brighter, the weather getting warmer (we're just after having a heatwave! here's hoping it comes back) and wearing more summery clothing. 

Life hasn't been all that eventful for me. Nothing major has happened anyways. It's been pretty relaxed with the odd exciting thing happening every now and again and one of those things is going to be the focus of this blog post! - my trip to Italy!

I spent a week and a half in Italy at the end of May/beginning of June. I didn't take my big girl camera with me so all of the photos I got were taken on my phone which is fine but they're not exactly picture perfect blog photo quality. Nevertheless, I thought I would throw a few of my favourites up here. Just to keep this little trip as a memory on my blog more than anything. 

I visited Lake Garda in Northern Italy so here are some of my favourite shots! - 

I spent the duration of my time travelling around the lake, to little villages and towns (and the epic Gardaland themepark) as well as popping into Verona. I have been to this part of the world before and I loved it so much I had to come back. In fact, Lake Garda is up there with one of my favourite places on the planet. 

There's something so beautiful about it. The crystal clear lake against the mountainous backdrop is  the epitome of serene. As cheesy as it sounds, whenever I look out across the lake, I just feel totally at peace and in awe of the beauty of this world and life in general. 

When in Lake Garda, when the weather is warm, the water is turquoise, the swans are happy, the flowers are bloomin', life is good and I feel at my happiest. 

Have you ever been? Let me know! If not, you have to go, you won't regret it!

Sinéad x

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