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2 Mar 2018


I woke up this morning to a phone call from my boss saying we wouldn't be opening today and to stay in bed. After spending 5hours PERISHING in work yesterday it's safe to say I was pretty delighted! I didn't stay in bed though, I jumped out excited to make the most of this rare snow day. Afterall, it is basically a right of passage to be lazy and cosy all day long. 

When I turned on the tv I couldn't quite believe the impact of the overnight blizzard. There were 12 feet snow drifts in some places of the country! The pictures were just unbelievable. If you're from Russia or Canada you're probably laughing at us for having to completely shut down the country because of some snow but you got to remember, this barely ever happens here (1982 was the last time we had a blizzard) so we don't have the resources to deal with it when it does. All we can do is close up, batten down the hatches and stay safe indoors. 

I spent most of my day drinking coffee, tidying my room and taking photos. I ventured out for a bit to get these snaps and I also took loads of photos indoors for my blog. I am so happy with how they turned out and having a nice stash of photos is really encouraging me to write up some posts for them - watch this space!

Later in the afternoon my dad and I decided to take a little drive down the road to my sisters house as the temps were no longer below freezing and I will never forget what I saw. I only wish I got some photos. On some parts of my road half of the road was entirely covered in 4-5 feet snow drifts, it was incredible. I've never seen so much snow in my life. It's all so beautiful to look at but I dread to think of the flooding when all of that thaws!

From loaves of bread selling out in supermarkets nationwide in preparation, to snowman competitions on facebook, these last few days have definitely been memorable.

Have you been given a day off work because of the snow? What have you done to stay entertained when there was nowhere to go?

Sinéad x

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