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25 Mar 2018

Reasons to be excited for spring

The Fashion  
One of the things I'm most excited for as Spring is rolling in is the change in fashion. If you know me you know the fashion is something I'm always excited for when the seasons change. I don't know about you but this has felt like the longest winter in history and as much as I love them I am so over wearing knitted jumpers and boots. I want to be wearing light flowy tops and cute little floral print flats. I have been doing a little bit of shopping for the new season and I've been really attracted to pretty pastel colours, light colourful trousers and all the cute dainty accessories.

More Daylight  
Praise the lord the clocks are going forward tonight meaning it will still be bright at 7.30pm. YASS. From now on the evenings will be getting brighter for longer meaning that when I come home from work I have the option to do more things than just sit indoors and watch tv, lets be real, I had other options but nothing really beats being able to go outside and get some fresh air, whether it is going for a walk with the dogs, a cycle or just sitting out to watch the sunset. More time outdoors is something I am massively looking forward to. 
The Flowers
Judging by these pictures I am obsessed with flowers eh?! Well, I do love the selection of flowers that start to bloom in Spring. It's great to see growth and the beginning of new life (can I mention adorable little lambs right here?) Daffodils are the first to make an appearance. They must be the most resilient flower - they grow everywhere! I also really love tulips and would I be a blogger if I didn't love some cherry blossoms? Low key cannot wait for their time to bloom.

Easter Chocolate
How anyone waits until Easter to eat the chocolate is unbelievable to me. I don't have much willpower and have already indulged in some chocolate treats that are only ever on offer in the lead up to Easter. There was a deal on of 3 easter eggs for €3 in SuperValu and I may have kinda stocked up for the year. Oops. I friggin' love Dairy Milk eggs with daim, and oreo and of course Mini-Eggs. Ok mini-eggs have got to be hands down the best thing about Easter, no?!

Looking Forward to Summer  
This one is more personal to me because I LOVE summer. I'm just really hoping for some warm weather, being able to have barbeques and eat mint ice-cream outside. Uh just being able to go outdoors in a t-shirt is something I am so looking forward to. I also have lots of events this summer that I cannot wait for such as a trip to Italy and an Ed Sheeran concert. As it comes closer and closer I get more excited!

What do you love about Spring? Do let me know in the comments down below, I would love to know!

Sinéad x

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