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11 Mar 2018


Ah highlighters, probably my favourite make-up product. There's something about that healthy glow highlighters give you that makes me a bit weak in the knees and very eager to hand over my money to try out different ones. I have been through a fair few highlighters, both the drug store and high end brands. So I thought I would compile a little list of my top 4 highlighters.

This is the cheapest product on my list at just €13.99 from Boots plus it includes a bronzer and a blush so it definitely is the best value! When I was a little bit poorer than I am now, this palette was all I used to contour my face and it does the job pretty well! The highlight specifically is subtle, just adding a little healthy glow which is ideal when you're going for a natural look. 

Like the Sleek palette, this highlight is part of a larger contour kit. I love the variety of highlights in this palette, from matte to shiny, there's a colour to suit you with and without a tan. It is a lil bit pricier (€35.95 shop here) but I feel like it's such a handy palette to have in your kit, it's beautiful, especially the highlighters!
This is probably a bit of an old classic but it's actually my most recent purchase on the list and I absolutely adore this. It just gives the perfect sheen. I feel like this is a bit more of a 'going out' highlighter as it is quiet effective but tbh I love that look so I am currently using it on the daily (buy here).

This liquid highlighter is what I reach for when I wanna be glowing like a disco ball. When I am doing a real glam look I usually use one of my powder highlighters then pop some of this on the top of my cheekbones patting it in with a beauty blender. It just adds that little extra kapow! and makes me feel all the more 'on fleek'

I probably don't need to buy any more highlighters but if you have any that you love and you think I will like too, let me know and sure, I might look in to it, haha. Also, if you would like me to do more blog posts about some of my favourite beauty products do let me know in the comments, I really appreciate all the feedback I can get.

Chat soon,
Sinéad x

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