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4 Oct 2017


Isn't it funny how I put my blog out there for potentially the whole world to see yet there's only a select few people in my life who I will go out of my way to show it to. 99% of the people who know me personally know nothing about my blog. Only a handful of my very close friends do and I don't think any of them even read it, I have just mentioned it to them in conversation. 

I know so many bloggers share their posts on their personal Facebook pages and recruit their friends and family to help out taking pictures. I really admire them for that but it's not for me. There's something I love about keeping my blog mostly to myself. It allows it to be an escape from everyday life, somewhere I can go where I can let loose and share my thoughts freely. 

I enjoy being anonymous on my blog and I like my readers not knowing me personally, I think it makes the interactions more interesting as strangers are a lot more objective than people who know me. 

Some of my posts are very personal and I have got to admit, I would probably cringe if some people I know read some of the things I write on here. Y'know? Like that acquaintance I see every day in work but have never actually spoken too, it would be a little weird if they got to know some of my deepest thoughts while I remain knowing nothing about them. But for some reason, I'm totally okay with a complete stranger reading those thoughts, it doesn't make sense to me either!

You see, I think the thing is we all act differently with different people. There are different things we talk about with different groups of people depending on how you know them and how long you know them. We put on different 'filters'. But when I'm blogging to a group of strangers and online friends, there doesn't need to be any filter, I can just talk about whatever I want and be completely honest. 

I don't think I will ever be one to share my blog with everyone and anyone. I won't be sending the link to a guy I'm going on a first date with and I'm never going to be talking about it in too much depth with my friends and family - only if it comes up. It's not a secret but I do kind of want to keep it between myself and those I really trust, oh and the rest of the world of strangers (who often become friends) too of course. 

I would love to know what your situation is like if you blog too? Do you share your blog openly with everyone you know or are you more careful with who you let in to your online life? Do let me know in the comments below!

Sinéad x

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