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6 Dec 2016

What I am excited for this Christmas

I don't know what it is but this year I am so much more excited for Christmas than usual. I think it's because December started off with some typically Christmas weather, freezing temperatures and white trees when you open the curtains in the morning definitely helped get me in the spirit. Now with the decorations up and the Christmas tunes playing I'm almost as hyper as I was as a child! 

There are so many things I love to do this time of year, I thought I would compile a little list of all of those things so we can swap notes and see do we celebrate the same way!

  1. Wrapping Presents Is it just me or is there something so satisfying about wrapping presents? I like to put a bit of effort in, y'know get a bit of curling string and bows. This year my theme is turquoise and silver. I hope those who are opening the gifts realise how much thought went in to wrapping them alone! haha.
  2. Eating Everything with Zero Guilt C'mon if you can't eat whatever the heck you want at Christmas time then when can you? I am especially excited for the Lindt chocolates and the turkey dinner of course.
  3. Work Christmas Party It's that one time of year you get drunk in front of your colleagues, dance the night away with them and forget all the reasons they make your life a little more shitty every day..
  4. Getting tipsy in your Xmas jumper There are few things more joyous than having a few drinks and getting merry at Christmas time, when your a little tipsy this time of year seems so much more excited and you just want to wish everyone in the bar a Merry Christmas.
  5. Decorating your house With the dark nights looming in nothing can fix the gloom quite like pulling out the fairy lights and the sparkly tinsel. 
  6. People losing their shit with decorations Is there anything that makes you smile more than driving home from a really boring day at work than seeing a house that looks like Christmas came and vomitted all over it. When there isn't an inch of the place that isn't lit up in all the colours of the rainbows. So terrible, but so great at the same time. 
  7. Dressing the dogs in Christmas costumes I haven't bought Nicky or Lily any Christmas outfits yet but there is a stall in the market with so many adorable bits that I definitely want to get for them. I just think when your dog is dressed as Santa Clause everyone feels so much more festive haha! They love it too though!
  8. Seeing everyone's reactions to their gifts It's such a cliché but I do really thing that giving is better than receiving. There is nothing more satisfying than getting someone you love something you know they want and seeing their reactions. 
So what are you excited to experience this Christmas? Let me know in the comments! Eeeek it's such a lovely time of year isn't it? I hope you get to do everything you hope for this year.

Sinéad xo

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