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16 Dec 2016

My Week in Square Photos

This week has been a lovely festive one. From spending an evening in town gawking at the gorgeous fairy lights and exploring the Christmas market, to going to Athlone to get in some last minute shopping to getting 'merry and bright' at my work Christmas party on Saturday night. Looking back it hasn't been a bad one! And of course, I shared little snippets of everything over on my instagram!
How stunning are these Christmas street lights in the Latin Quarter in Galway? I always feel so festive when I go in to the city, it is all decorated so well. I have yet to go on the ferris wheel though, the boyf doesn't seem to be too keen... I think he must be secretly scared of heights but I am dragging him up there on Sunday whether he likes it or not! Do you like how your city is looking this Christmas as much as I heart mine?

There is nothing quiet like cosying up in the winter is there? My mum and I went shopping in Athlone and honestly I ended up only buying things for myself! There's no Zara in Galway so I get a bit over excited! I picked up this coat I am wearing, although it's more of a cardigan because it's not lined or anything but guyz it's so soft! Perfect for these days when it's not too cold but you want something a little snuggly.

Last Saturday night I had my work Christmas party. I really had fun getting all dolled up for this, I even wore fake eyelashes! (I never do!) and little did I know how long they would take me to put on. I teamed them with my new silver River Island bag, a red lippie, Zara Mauve twilight fragrance (which I ADORE!) and some good ol' reliable Elegant Touch nails. Oh and I wore clothes too, obvs! 
A week wouldn't be complete without going to a café for a coffee or a hot chocolate at least once. This week I tried a mint hot chocolate for the first time. Oh sweet baby Jesus, go try one from Costa...they are SO yum and I don't think I can ever have a regular hot chocolate again. The next day I am there I'm going to try the Chocolate orange one, I am a huge fan of Terry's Chocolate orange so I'm thinking it will be a winner too.

These sweet little angels. Guys, I love my dogs so much I can't even explain it. Being with them makes all my worries fly away and totally de-stresses me. Lily (the black one) is such a baby, all she wants is to sit on my lap and get loads of cuddles, so loveable. Nicky, despite being older is a little bit more hyper but has such a great personality, I can almost tell what he is thinking by the look on his face. Lily is heavily pregnant with Nicky's puppies atm so she is a bit quieter and less active but she is doing good and I just can't wait until they are here and she is over the whole ordeal of giving birth. I also can't wait to see what a combination of those two will be like. Who wants a puppy?! 

So just one more week until Christmas, I can't believe how quickly it has crept upon us. I have barely blogged at all this month which makes me sad, in fact I was just looking at my archive today and realised that in 2013 (started in June) I wrote 71 posts, 134 in 2014, 94 in 2015 and only 37 in 2016. How bad is that? I really do want to increase that for 2017, to be a consistent blogger is like my dream! I just am really stuck for ideas. I'm going to get a diary and a journal though, brainstorm lots and try my very best, if there is anyone still here to read! haha.

Love you!
Sinéad x

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