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27 Jul 2016

My fear of missing out on fate

I have this stupid fear, of missing out on fate which doesn't really make since considering the definition of fate is 'an event predetermined by a supernatural power', so technically you can't miss out on what's 'meant to be'. Maybe what I'm experiencing is fomo (fear of missing out!). But every time I do something or go somewhere and something amazing happens, maybe even life changing I believe that it was fate and it was laid out for me. The problem is I then find myself terrified by the fact that if I had decided not to go there/do that then it wouldn't have happened.

Now I find myself never wanting to pass up on anything because I'm thinking 'what if'. What if I make the best friend I've ever have, what if a job opportunity comes from it or what if my potential future husband is there. I guess it's a good thing to not want to pass up on opportunities or outings but it means when there is no way I can go I find myself pondering and feeling anxious about just what might have been laid out for me if I did go. 

I'm not really sure why I'm writing this on here. I guess I thought writing this out would help as I'm so confused about this mindset I have because it doesn't really make sense to believe in fate but to have a fear of missing out on what is laid out for me because if it's laid out for me, I can't miss it, can I?! I probably sound so ridiculous, I'm rereading this thinking 'What are you on Sinéad?' haha. 

To put it simply, I guess I'm scared of making the wrong decisions, because I believe that a small decision has a domino effect which can greatly influence your entire life. I really need to try to be more carefree and go with the flow!

What are your thoughts on fate? Do you believe that there is a set path laid out for you and you've got to make the right decisions to lead you down it or do you think that everything is entirely coincidental? sometimes I really wish I believed the later so I didn't have so much fomo!

Sinéad xo

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