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15 May 2016

Meet Lily

Hey everyone! So if you'v been following me for awhile you may remember my 'Meet Nicky' post which I shared way back in September 2014. Looking back at this post makes my heart burst because I see how much Nicky has grown and how adorable he was as a puppy. I love that little doggy so much. I thought that I have to do the same for my new little 4 month old girl chihuahua, Lily. It was my mum and dad who made the spur of the moment decision to get her (well they've been thinking about getting one for ages) and she is honestly such a sweetie, I'm so glad they were crazy enough to want another dog! haha.

At first, Nicky was so put out as he is not used to being with other dogs, seriously he was being a little pedo and trying to hump her haha. He wouldn't eat, drink or do anything he was just following her, totally fascinated. He has definitely settled down now thank God and they have so much fun chasing each other around the garden. Lily, despite being teeny tiny is not one bit shy or scared she is well able to stand up for herself when Nicky gets on her nerves. She's so nosey, sussing the whole place out, she slept without a whimper on her first night and is so friendly and playful with us all, such a confident little thing.

Isn't she a little cutie? she is jet black and so glossy with a gorgeous little face, her tail is constantly wagging. Looks like she has already got her favourite judging by the last picture! I'm so excited for all the happiness she brings and  I'm hoping she will be great company for Nicky.

Sinéad xo

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