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8 Apr 2016

My Go-To Healthy Breakfast

Hey Everyone! As promised in my last blog post I am going to share with you my go-to healthy breakfast. 

For so long now I have been looking for a breakfast that is healthy, fills me up until lunch time and tastes good. I have tried various low fat cereals, containing nuts and fruits and all things that sound great but they have either contained a heap of hidden sugar, tasted like cardboard or would not satisfy my hunger at all. 

Last week I decided that I would take my hunt for the perfect breakfast a little more seriously so I went to the supermarket especially to find something I thought would be good. 

The first thing I picked up was 'Bowl-a-Muesli' and this caught my eye because it was handmade in Galway, and y'know, supporting local businesses and all that. It also had the lowest sugar content of all the muesli's, it was wheat free and high in fibre. So I popped it in my basket. 

Next to this, and also in the health food section I picked up some flaxseed and goji berries. This is a super food full of Iron, zinc, fibre and omega three, all the good stuff. You can sprinkle it over almost anything from pasta to rice dishes and yoghurt and cereal. 

Finally for a little bit of flavour I had to get some fruit. I went for rasberries and blueberries because, well they're delish aren't they!

All together this makes for a lovely delicious and nutritious brekkie which I'm planning to stick to. I have tried it with Rice soya, natural yoghurt and normal low-fat milk, it's delicious all those ways so I'm going to mix it up so I don't get bored of it which tends to happen with my breakfast meals!

Have you been obsessed with finding a healthy breakfast as I have been? Let me know in the comments what you enjoy having for breakfast! Is there something great I'm missing out on?

Sinéad x


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Marty Ruczynska said...

this looks so yummy! will definitely be trying it.

Marty @ PlayingStressUp.blogspot.co.uk


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