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15 Apr 2016

How I clean my make-up brushes

For what feels like a life time I have been searching for a way to clean my brushes that is quick and easy and doesn't take me an hour, leave me with wrinkly hands and hating myself. I have tried so many different brush cleansers, soaps and baby shampoo but they all have been pretty rubbish in completely removing the make-up grime from my brushes, especially my foundation brush! I would rinse and rinse but the water would never run clear. It meant that I used to put off washing my brushes to avoid the frustration which is pretty unhygienic isn't it?!

Then I randomly spotted this Real Techniques deep cleansing gel in the Chemist one day. I was instantly interested because all my brushes are RT and I have yet to be disappointed by the brand so my hopes were high for this and I splashed out the €9 for it. 

I simply rinse my brushes with warm water, squirt a bit of the gel on the bristles then rub it into it with my fingers. This stuff literally lifts the make-up off them and ahh the satisfaction when I put them back under the tap and see all the icky stuff rinse off!

I'm so glad I found this stuff and would definitely recommend anyone who needs a brush cleanser to go and try it out! It's brilliant and now it only takes me a fraction of the time to clean my brushes. It doesn't seem like a mammoth task any more so I am well up for doing it once a week. Clean brushes = less spots! I can't complain about that!

What do you use to clean your brushes? Let me know in the comments!

Sinéad x


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Róisín said...

I have heard the Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel before but I didn't see any reviews for it. Nice post!

Yiotou_La said...

I usually wash my brushes twice a month and I use a mild shampoo. It is so satisfying to wash your them and have clean brushes to work with! :)



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