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10 Apr 2016

15 Things my bf says that shows he doesn't understand women

My boyfriend and I have a lot in common, we have some similar interests and have good conversations. I would call him my best friend because I share so much with him. But sometimes I am reminded that he is a different species...and as they say men are from Mars, women are from Earth. 

Sometimes, he says things, or asks me things that are to me so utterly silly and I just can't understand how he doesn't get it. Things that a female bestie would never question! Some of these things make me shake my head and giggle so I thought I would share them with you all so you can have a little giggle too...

  1. "Why do you have paint brushes in you bag?"
  2. "Why does everything have to be so complicated?" When I tell him I have to brush my hair before I leave the house
  3. "But you've already got clothes!" When I want to go shopping
  4. "Why the hell are you brushing your eye-brows, are you gone crazy?!"
  5. "You spent €20 on a lipstick that looks the same as one for €5, whyyy?!!" *shocked face*
  6. "What do you need a sharpener for?" when I ask him for one when doing my make-up (eye liner) 
  7. "You're weighed down with all them layers on your face" When I say I'm tired after putting on make-up (this didn't go down too well ha!)
  8. "Can you not walk passed Boots without going in?" 
  9. "Why do you carry so much stuff in your bag?"
  10. "Why do you need so many cushions on your bed?"
  11. "Why do you have so many bottles in your shower, you only need like shampoo and shower gel!"
  12. "What's the difference between tights and leggings?"
  13. "Why does it take you so long to get ready for bed? Why can't you just hop straight in!"
  14. "Why do you wear yoga pants when you don't do yoga?"
  15. "Your hair is naturally straight, why use a straighter?"

Crazy huh?! I hope you enjoyed this post! Is there anything the men in your life have said that made you realise how little they know about women? Let me know in the comments.

Sinéad x

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Anna said...

hehe, this is brilliant! made me giggle :) men say the silliest of things :) xx


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