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29 Mar 2016

Thankful Tuesday #1

Hey everyone! What is up? It's the 29th of March and I haven't posted at all this month, I hated the idea of having a missing month in my blog archive since it's full up for the past almost three years! I have been absolutely horrific at blogging recently but I really don't want to let it go, because it's truly a hobby I love and I don't want to lose that. To re-inspire myself I decided to purchase a new blog design, which I found here on Etsy. For a long time I've felt like my blog didn't look professional (not that I am in any way a professional anyways!) but being unhappy with it really did put me off coming here. I really love how it looks now, it's what I had in mind and I feel encouraged to start pushing out the blog posts again. 

I felt the best way to get back in to the swing of things was to start a blog series called 'Thankful Tuesday' I've done similar series many times in the past and have always enjoyed them. I'm just going to be recapping on the week that has passed and recording all the good things that have happened; all the things I was 'thankful' for. Hopefully, coming here weekly will refocus me on my blog and I will start posting more regularly eventually. 

Anywhooo on to the things I am thankful for in the past week.
  1. My bestie in work returned this week after 5 weeks away in Canada, it was so nice to see her again and it wasn't until she came back that I realised how much I missed her and how much I love having her there.
  2. Of course it was Easter this week which means EGG HUNTS! I did a really fun one with my nieces, I hid all the eggs and watched them try to find them. Oh the lols.
  3. Easter also meant a lovely family dinner on Sunday. There's nothing quiet like sitting down with the whole clan with some yummy food and some bonding. 
  4. I went for the loveliest walk in the woods with Eoin and Nicky on Monday, It's been too long since I had a nice fast paced walk like this that actually felt like exercise. 
  5. On Monday I went in to work to check the roster and see what time I would be starting on Tuesday only to see that I had the day off. Aghh I was so happy, what a lovely surprise. I had 3 days off woohoo. 

Do let me know in the comments how your week was and in particular what you got up to for Easter! Even just say 'hi' so we can reconnect, I miss all my blogging friends, I need to catch up on my bloglovin' feed pronto.

Toodles x

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