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15 Feb 2016

My Thought's on Valentine's Day

Happy belated Valentine's Day my girlies! Sending lots of love from me to you. I hope that no matter what you did you felt loved, whether that be by your significant other, your bestie, your mum or your pet. At the end of the day all love is precious and I appreciate Valentine's day as the perfect reminder to appreciate that love and to not be afraid to express it.

In saying that, I have got to admit I've never been much of a fan of V-Day. To me, when I think of the day my mind just screams "pressure, pressure, pressure!" whether I'm in a relationship or not. 

My earliest memories of Valentine's day are even sucky. I remember being in primary school and all of my friends wanting to make Valentine's cards on our breaks to give away (Even if we never really did give them to any boys). Because I didn't yet like boys or really understand romantic love I felt super uncomfortable and confused. I wondered why on earth all of my friends would want to do that. It just seemed SO embarrassing. 

When I was a teenager and I actually started to like boys and wanted a boyfriend the day got a whole lot worse. Ah Valentine's day as a teenager. Nightmare! I was absolutely not popular with the boys in my school and got zero attention. The whole day all I would hear about is who got a card from who, who found a card from a 'secret admirer' in the locker. There was always serious card swapping going on and it was the talk of the day. 

I remember one particular year one of my best friends got something crazy like 10 cards from different boys and me of course getting none. God, I still remember how shitty I felt. I just wanted one! Even if it was from someone I was in no way interested in, I would have killed for just one card so I didn't feel so bad about myself. Throughout the years in that secondary school V-Day circus of card swapping, a single card never came my way. And every year I would be reminded just how unpopular I was and cried over how I would be forever alone and would have to live with 6 cats for companionship. How tragic. *Pulls out a tiny violin* haha.  

Fast forward to my late teens when I finally, by some miracle, got myself a boyfriend, sure I was happy I was no longer single on the big day. There was no pressure to find someone any more but there was an equal amount of pressure to be a great Valentine!

You have to have the absolute perfect day with you s/o because God forbid you're not all super loved up on Valentine's day. It must mean that your love isn't true and there is absolutely no hope for you! And OH if buying you a card slips his mind it must mean he doesn't love you at all right?!

Thankfully, now I've gotten a bit older and wiser I don't take the day so seriously any more, this year I am in a relationship which I am very happy with but I put no pressure on myself to be super lovey dovey and have the perfect day, it's just so contrived! I'd rather let February 14th just role like any other day. 

I bought my mum a dozen red roses because I love her, and I loved the roses so I partially bought them for myself because I wanted them in the kitchen!

I spent the day with my boyfriend, we chilled and watched 'The Best Of Me' (such a great movie if you haven't seen it!) He gave me a cute teddy and I gave him some chocolates which he told me he wouldn't eat so I told him to give them to his mum haha romantic. We had a lazy afternoon, went for a drive and had a lovely dinner out in the evening. Laid back, no pressure. 

Let me know in the comments what you think of Valentine's day and what your experiences of it have been like! Also let me know if you celebrated the day yesterday and what you got up to! :) x

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