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20 Nov 2015

My Essential Blogging Tools

Hey friends! I thought I would write a slightly different style post today and share with you some of the tools I use throughout the blogging process that I find really helpful. From finding inspiration, having a post idea and putting the post together to the subsequent promotion. Blogging definitely isn't as easy as it is made out to be and it can be quite a long process. Here are the tools that really help me out throughout that process.

Blog post ideas can come to me anywhere at any time so I find it useful to carry a note book to write down those ideas, otherwise I would forget since I am a feather head! Since my phone is basically  attached to my hip I usually write a quick note in my phone and then transfer it to my note book when I get a chance. Then when the time comes to work on my blog I have a peep through my notebook to see what blog post I feel like doing up.

In my opinion photos are a hugely important aspect of a blog. If I don't find a blogs photos appealing then chances are I won't follow it! So for me, it's really important to use a good camera for my posts. I have a Sony DLSR which I use for most posts however I really want to get a good compact digital camera that I can take out and about as I am dying to document more adventures and days out on my blog. I need a little handbag friendly camera that's great quality, any recommendations?

Oh Picmonkey, one thing for sure is my blog would not be the blog it is without Picmonkey. I have used it for everything from creating my blog header and signature to resizing my post photos and editing them. If you haven't used Picmonkey yet then what are you doing with your life! Seriously! Get on it. Oh and if you want me to do a post about what I used to create my blog design in general, let me know in the comments!

Promoting my blog is an aspect of blogging I really suck at however I find hootesuite to be really helpful for this. I use it to schedule posts on to my Twitter and Facebook page and sometimes even my Instagram. I usually go for the 'auto schedule' option as it posts them at the best times. This is a great way to keep your link out there and to keep a presence on social media without constantly being on your phone.

It has to be said that other blogs are a major tool for providing me with inspiration and motivation to blog. I read so many wonderful blogs that make me want to continuously improve myself and my own blog. They spark so many post ideas for me. Being part of such a wonderful community makes me always want to put my best foot forward and put my best content in to that community.

I feel like Instagram acts as an extension of my blog and I love promoting my blog on it. However, it helps my blog in so many other ways too. Like reading other blogs it also inspires me so much. Seeing a single picture can literally give me a post idea in seconds! There are so many fab accounts on there that really encourage me to improve my blog photography. I also love to use the hashtags such as #lbloggers to find new blogs to read.

So there we have it, the tools I use that really help with my blogging process. Is there anything you guys use that helps you? I know a lot of people use a planner to plan out when different posts go up but that's not something I've gotten in to yet. I'm so rubbish at sticking to things like that so I usually just write whatever I feel like writing and schedule it for whenever feels like would be best! I guess  there are no rules, it's all about finding what works best for you.


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