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14 Nov 2015

If Life's Judged By Milestones

First kiss (expected age, 15) I was 14 but I definitely felt like that was late since I was the last of my friends to kiss someone. Now, I think it was two soon because I didn't even like the boy haha.

First full-time job (expected age, 20) Still haven't had a full time job. I have a teaching degree but it's so hard to find employment in it. This side of my life feels like the biggest failure at the minute and it's the side I worry about the most. I'm really fed up with not being given an opportunity yet and I constantly compare myself to others on this front.

Pass driving test (expected age, 20) Correct, I was 20 when I did this. At the time, I felt like I was really late with this as again, pretty much everyone had done it before me! It's nice to hear 20 is average, I reckon it's a lot lower in Ireland though as more people seem to drive. 

First holiday with friends (expected age, 20) Correct again! I went to Spain in 2013 with some friends, when I was 20.

Buy first car (expected age, 22) Well, I got my first car when I was 21 but it was bought for me, so I'm not sure if that counts?!

First holiday with a partner (expected age, 23) Mine was when I was 20. The same holiday as I mentioned before. I've never been on holidays with just a partner though. 

Be a bridesmaid (expected age, 23) I'm well ahead of time with this milestone, I was a bridesmaid for my sister when I was just 12! I doubt I'll be one again, I would love to be as I think I would appreciate it more now I'm older.

Rent on your own (expected age, 24) Nope, I'm still living at home with my parents *face blushes* haha. I would love if I did achieve thiss when I'm 24,  I don't feel too confident about it but you never know what's going to happen!

Get engaged (expected age, 25) I'm pretty sure I won't be engaged in over 2 years time. Personally, I'd like to be a little bit older.

Rent with a partner (expected age, 25) I think I'm going to be older than 25 when this happens too but who knows what the future holds!

Get married (expected age, 27) I am almost 23 so 27 is only over 4 years away *gulp* that's scary because it sounds so old (sorry 27 year old friends!) It does sound like the age people get married, my sister got married at that age and if you asked me when I was 15 I'd say it's a good age to put a ring on it buttt now, it being only four years away I'm like hell no! I really don't see myself as a wife in that near future. 

Buy first flat (expected age, 27) I don't think I will ever buy a flat. I will probably rent a place at some stage, and then go on to build my own house. That's what most people do where I'm from!

Have first child (expected age, 28) I really don't think I will have a child at 28. It's soo soon. 32 sounds like a better age for me. But who knows, I could be 25 when this happens, you never know with life!

Buy first house (expected age, 29) I would absolutely love to have my lifetime home when I'm 29. Let's hope I get lucky and this dreams comes true, right now, I can't imagine it haha!

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