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5 Oct 2015

White to Bright Style Challenge with Chairish

Hey everyone! Recently I received an email from the lovely people at Chairish, an exclusive curator approved online marketplace for vintage furniture. They challenged me to share my taste for colour by creating a style-board around an accent chair by taking a room from 'white to bright'! They wanted me to show them how I would make a statement through the use of bold colours and textures. 

Now, I absolutely LOVE interior design and spend ages looking at furniture and decor online even though I don't have a house of my own. I think I could have been an interior designer in another life, therefore I was totally up for the challenge. 

The people at Chairish sent me images of different accent chairs to choose from and I went for this stunning green modern chair. I absolutely love the pattern and the funky shape of this chair. I also thought the colour scheme of green would be really fun to build a theme around. Here is my styleboard of the look I came up with!
Since the challenge was to create a bright and bold look I chose bright yellow, red and green to be my colour scheme. I absolutely adore this red industrial floor lamp, it's so modern and fashionable. I can imagine reading a book on the chair with this providing the light. 

The yellow console table is probably my favourite item of the lot. Yellow is such a fun and happy colour and would be so unique compared to your standard run of the mill wooden table. 

In contrast to the console table I went for a red side table to match the lamp. I can imagine this placed the other side of the chair, stacked up with magazines and maybe some greenery. 

To tie all the colours together I opted for three vases reflecting my colour scheme. I would place the red, green, and yellow vases close together on one of the tables or maybe in front of a fireplace if there is one. I think it's a really subtle way to unite the colours of the room. 

Chairish has a fabulous selection of cushions! I went for these red and yellow ones to throw on the chair. I think the contrasting pattern of the red cushion to the chairs pattern would actually be really chic.

To tone the colours down just a tad, and to make sure the room isn't too overwhelming I went for this lovely grey and ivory printed rug. Again, adding another bold, yet modern and complementing pattern to the mix.

Finally I dotted the room with some lovely brass accent pieces with a pineapple theme. I love these pieces, I just think pineapples are so cool, that's weird I know but c'mon they gotta be the funkiest of fruits haha. I chose vintage pineapple bookends, a gold and silver leaf mirror (how amazing would this be placed over the yellow table?) and a pineapple container

Chairish has so many amazing items to choose from so this definitely wasn't an easy challenge, however, I am SO happy with the look I cam up with. I think it's just really fun and colourful. It's the kind of room that would make you happy by just being in! I definitely think people need to start being a little braver when it comes to home decor, even by just spray painting an old piece of furniture to add a pop of colour it really could make all the difference and really lift a room from drab to fab! 

Let me know in the comments what you think of the look I came up with! Would you be brave enough to decorate your room with such bold colours and patterns?


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