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31 Oct 2015

October Round-Up

Another month has come and gone, I can hardly believe it! It only feels like yesterday I was writing my September Round-Up. The year is flying by and I am now allowing myself to say the C-word. Christmas. Ah! I'm actually planning to get all my Christmas shopping done in November so yep, I've accepted that it is pretty darn close. 

I feel like October was a pretty good month. It's one of my favourite months of the year anyways because I'm a big fan of Autumn and Halloween so I was bound to enjoy this month. Let's just say, I'm happy with the amount of pictures I've taken with my feet in some leaves, haha I've embraced the beauty of the month for sure. 

I didn't really immerse myself in the Halloween festivities though. I just really didn't feel like dressing up and going out this year. It's just SO busy on Halloween nights out and I think I must be getting too old and boring for that scene haha! I did have a night in watching a horror movie though (which I avoid like the plague) so that's something I guess, I also (badly) carved a pumpkin and ate some Halloween themed cup-cakes, so y-know, I didn't totally ignore the occasion!

Now, time for a summation of my month via Instagram (follow - dreamingagainblog) a round-up of everything I have blogged this month and a list of some of my favourite posts by other bloggers I have read throughout the month. Be sure to check them out!

Top - Bottom, Left - Right
1 | Current natural make-up face of the day products, you can catch a post about that here ;)
2 | Pumpkin carving - an important life lesson on the difference between expectations and reality!
3 | Halloween date night! I went to see Everest (I'd give it a 6/10) and The Martian (8/10) this month. 
4 | The Macnas Parade in Galway city was spectacular.
5 | Be-au-tiful sunset turned the sky amazing colours.
6 | Nicky's cutest shot of the month. Such a photogenic pooch I got here.
7 | The scarves are out! Winter is on its way for sure.
8 | Pretty new nail polish. Love this colour. Sadly it doesn't last as long on my nails as I thought.
9 | Being at one with nature in Autumn is the best. I love these woods so much.
10 | Being a #basicfallgirl on our exploration of Coole Park.
11 | Pretty boats in Kinvara. I was the hungriest I'd been all month when I took this snap ha.
12 | Free pints of Guinness whilst watching Ireland in the RWC. Yes please.


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Let me know in the comments how October was for you? Do you have anything exciting coming up in November?


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woodenwindowsills said...

Has the Macnas parade lady got her boobies out?? Also, great scarf and polish! October was a winner for you!! :D Alice xx



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