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8 Oct 2015

My High-End Beauty Wishlist

Hey there friendies! Right, so I generally don't spend that much money on make-up. I've always been pretty satisfied with drug-store products and have prefered hitting up boots and getting more for my money. However, I reeeeeally do love make-up and lately I've been getting the urge to expand my very small high-end make-up collection. I think reading blogs has really encouraged this urge so I blame YOU haha. There are so many things I have heard about, that sound SO good and I really want to try them for myself. On to the list!
I have heard so many bloggers and vloggers such as Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter sing this mascaras praises so I'm really itching to see what the big deal is. Also, it's €23 which is much cheaper than most high-end mascaras and in a price range I might actually consider.

So my sister and my mum have both gotten the hint that I want one of them to buy me this for Christmas. JUST LOOK AT IT! A full sized 'They're Real' mascara, 'Hoola' bronzer, 'High Beam' highlighter, and 'Give me Brow' These are some of benefits most popular products that I've always lusted over but at €26 to €35 I couldn't justify it. But you can get ALL of these for just €56. Seriously, if no one buys this for me I'm treating myself, I really hope it's not sold out closer to Christmas.

I don't own a single MAC eyeshadow and that is the reason I would love to get my paws on this palette. I just really want to see what their shadows are like and I also don't own many burgundy coloured shadows so this would be perfect. I know the pans are tiny but that doesn't bother me as I don't think I've ever hit pan on an eye shadow. A lovely selection and plenty in it for just €40 if you ask me! This is going to be another splurge when I'm feeling generous to myself some time.

I never really use high-end foundations. I've tried a MAC one and a Clinique one and I didn't like either which annoyed me since I paid €35 for it so I've always stuck to my trusty and affordable healthy mix. However, the world and it's mother seems to lurve this foundation so I'm really curious. Also, I have so many blemishes on my chin right now that I'm craving something so high coverage that will make them dissapear. 

I'm seriously eyeing up this palette because I just love the colours. Plus the packaging is hilarious. I really want to invest in shadows other than Urban Decay and this seems lovely. At €35 it's pretty affordable too. I think I would get either this or the MAC one, as they have similar colours. Which one would you go for?

MAC 'Twig' and MAC 'Plumful' Lipsticks
So I'm finding this really hard to write but I only own one MAC lipstick. I know, I know, I fail at being a woman *Goes to stand in corner* and the funny thing is the one I have was gifted to me and I don't even like it. It's a Viva Glam Nikki one and is a bright pink. I really don't like pink lipsticks much! Anyways, I've decided that I need to get some MAC lipsticks in my life asap. I really can't decide which one to be my first one and I keep changing my mind. I want something Autumnal but also something I could wear on a daily basis. I'm thinking Plumful would be a good choice, but it looks kinda pinky in some pictures so I will have to try it on. I also really like how twig looks, it's just my kinda shade and I think I'd get a lot of wear out of it. Please leave your MAC lipstick selections in the comments. I'm hoping to start buying one maybe every three months (season) so I can build up a little collection. 

So there we have it, all the fancy make-up I wish were sitting on my dressing table right now *sigh*
I'm definitely going to a get a MAC lippie and one of those eye shadow palettes (or another one if you have any suggestions!)

Let me know in the comments your high-end make-up recommendations. If you have tried any of these things I would love to know how you got on!


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