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3 Oct 2015

Lifehouse Gig & Stephen's Green, Dublin

So I felt like putting together a little photo diary of my recent trip to Dublin to see Lifehouse in the Olympia. I really want to document more days like these so I will always have them in my archive for when I want to take a trip down memory lane. Gone are the days of getting photos printed out, now we just eternalise them on our blogs haha! 

I love Lifehouse's music so I really enjoyed the gig. It was unreal! If you haven't heard them before you should check out their songs! Have a listen to 'You and Me', 'Between the raindrops' and 'Everything', I think they would be my favourites. Nothing beats live music from rock bands like these. The place was small with not too many people which suits me so much more than big arenas, it was just really chilled and intimate as we were only 3 rows from the front. 

After the gig we went for a couple of drinks but we had a pretty early night! I wanted to get up early to have a good mooch in the shops down Grafton Street, we went for breakfast in Stephens Green Shopping Centre where we had an awesome view of the city! We then took a stroll in Stephens Green park since it was such a beautiful day. I'd never been in the park before and I must say, it's so beautiful! I'd imagine it's a perfect escape from everyday city life which I think I'd definitely need if I lived in a city like this. 

I didn't buy anything except a coat from Topshop. I'd been keeping an eye out for a nice coat for ages and I fell in love with this one straight away, it was €90 which was basically my entire shopping budget so I couldn't get anything else. So worth it though!

All in all I had a lovely 2 days in Dublin, we got a really good deal in a very centrally located hotel so I think I will definitely come back again soon, maybe to do some shopping before, dare I say it... Christmas ;)


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Dreaming in Sequins said...

Sinead, funniest story about their 'you & me' - I once paid my brother $20 to sing it down the phone to a concierge in an NYC hotel to find out who sang it! Very funny xx Siobhan


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