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19 Oct 2015

5 Reasons I think my dog is actually a cat

  1. His favourite food is fish. I have a confession to make - I sometimes give Nicky bits of my dinner, I know, I know it's not good but who can resist those begging puppy eyes? Anyway, what he yelps for the most is always fish. I keeping meaning to try him on cat food.
  2. He plays with his food like a cat plays with a mouse. He carefully selects a nut before nudging it around, throwing it up in the air and trying to catch it in his paws whilst lying on his back. He does this before eating pretty much every single nut. 
  3. He's tiiiiiny. Seriously, the palm of my hand can cup his entire scull easily. He's definitely more cat sized that dog sized.
  4. He has really smooth, fluffy and soft hair, not coarse like most dogs. It's very odd. More cat like for sure. 
  5. He sits on the back of the couch. You will often find him perched up on the head rest. Mostly because he has access to peoples hair (he likes nibbling at peoples hair, yep, that's another story all together) 
Nicky has lots of more cat like tendencies but thankfully, he isn't aloof like cats are. He's quite the opposite, friendly. cuddly, needy and playful. He's bit like a baby too haha. 

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