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23 Sep 2015

Words on Wednesday

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing good! So in my spare time I quite enjoying doodling away in my notepad. Usually I find a typography image on Pinterest and try to copy it. I am by no means an artist, but it's something I find really therapeutic. I am a big lover of quotes so writing out some motivational words can really help me sometimes when I'm feeling a bit pessimistic. Since I have a couple of these in my notebook I decided I might as well put them to some use so I thought I would scan them and put them on my blog on the occasional Wednesday. Who knows maybe the words might help some of you guys too. 

I drew this one a couple of months ago now but I was reminded of it yesterday when I went and played some tennis with my boyfriend (he is hugely in to tennis) I had never played it before, apart from the odd volley over the clothes line as a child but I actually really enjoyed it yesterday! He said I was surprisingly pretty good. Not going to lie, I might have framed the ball a couple of times and nearly put it in someone's back garden haha. But nonetheless, I really enjoyed it!

It got me thinking, imagine if I had the potential to be a really epic tennis player or piano player, or maybe even a ballerina (LOL I doubt it! I have the grace of a sloth haha) but you get my drift? I could go my whole life never knowing if I don't decide to give it a try. Even if I'm not that great, there is always the potential to improve if I enjoy it. I mean, everyone starts somewhere, even the legends!

So from now on I am going to try my best to try new things and who knows maybe I will find a new passion. 

Let me know in the comments about your hobbies and passions. Is there something you tried on a whim but turned out to be really good at and love?


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