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13 Sep 2015

Weekend Scenes #1 | Barna Woods & Dinner

Hey everyone! So I want to document more and more of my life on here and since most of the more interesting things in my life happen at the weekend I thought I would start doing some 'Weekend Scenes'  posts every now and again. This weekend all I had was my crappy phone camera, the quality is horrific, I know! haha. So much so I wasn't even going to put them up but then I got thinking - when I'm reading other blogs I actually don't mind if the pictures aren't 100%, I'm more interested in getting to see what people are up to (maybe I'm just nosy!) so I said I would go ahead and post them. Besides, I love storing memories here. 

The weekend was pretty fun! On Friday night the man in my life and I went out for some drinks, I only managed one cocktail and one Orchard Theives before I felt sick #lightweight! The following day, we got some lunch followed by a walk around Barna Woods to get in our exercise and some fresh air to work up an appetite for dinner that night. In the evening we went to watch the Man-U game in this really funky bar. I hate soccer so I nearly fell asleep if I'm honest but there were so mepretty interesting things in the bar to look at that kept me awake, like those close ups of people haha. We then got some dinner. I had an ah-mazing chicken breast with crunchy-balls-of rice-with-bacon-bits in (I'm sure they have a fancier name, but as if I would remember!) It was very yummy. 

That was my weekend in a nutshell. Today, I'm chilling at home with my family, that's all I ever do on Sundays!

 Let me know how your weekend was in the comments. Did you get up to anything exciting?


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