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21 Sep 2015

Shoe Bargain of the Century!

Throughout the past week I have found any excuse to ask just about everyone I've been talking to "Guess how much I paid for two pairs of shoes?" and pretty much everyone guessed at least €20. When I'd tell them €12, yes TWELVE EURO they're usual response was "Ah Jaysus!" I've felt so smug and proud of myself and since I ran out of people to brag to, I thought why not go and tell you all so you could all say "ah jaysus" or "for feck sake" except in your national slang hehe. 

So here they are! I picked them up in New Look last week. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea but I really like them. I like chunky, edgy kind of shoes like these and I think they could be dressed up or down, adding a little bit of cool to any outfit. I like thick heels like these the best because I am like a flamingo when I try to walk in stilettos! I definitely see myself wearing these a lot throughout the year since they have a closed toe. And hey, even if I only wear them once or twice at €7 and €5 it won't be to much of a loss to my pocket. *Happy dance*

Let me know in the comments if there are any bargain finds you enjoyed bragging about!


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Alice Young said...

Such bargains!!! I love finding amazing bargains like this - really like the shoes as well, I'm more into edgy and chunky styles like this too!

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