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30 Sep 2015

September Round-Up

Tomorrow is OCTOBER GUYS! I really love October because I feel like it is officially Autumn. The leaves are full on orange, the nights are getting shorter and HALLOWEEN! Much excite. Right now, I want to reflect a little on the month of September and what better way to do that than have a little mooch through my Instagram since I was using it heaps throughout the month. I'm also recapping on all my posts I published this month so feel free to have a look through them and leave me some much loved comments! Finally I'm going to share a small selection of some of my favourite blog posts I've read this month, I hope you get a chance to hop on over and check them out too!


Top - Bottom, Left - Right
1 | The start of Autumn meant the leaves are slowly beginning to change colour. I love me some orange crunchy leaves beneath my feet.
2 | Gradually growing my Wet n Wild lipstick collection. I love these, so cheap and cheerful. My favourite shade is 'Rosebud' but it's *momentarily* lost :(
3 | Getting back in to smoothies this month. I've been enjoying summer fruit or tropical fruits with orange juice and a dash of natural yoghurt.
4 | Nicky is obssessed with the two teddies in my room. I'm supposed to take them off him in-case  rips them but he just has too much fun with them I can't bring myself to do it! haha.
5 | Haven't bought a magazine in months and I have no idea why. Cosmo was such a good read this month!
6 | Discovered the Shea Butter flavoured (is flavoured the right word because you don't eat it? haha) yankee candle. This is perfect for a bedroom. Diviiine. 
7 | My niece bought a new rabbit this month and she called him Cotton-Tail. Don't ask, I've no idea where that came from either.
8 | Cheeky mirror OOTD head to toe in New Look!
9 | Walk in a forest I had never been to. It was gorgeous with so many cute streams flowing through. Felt like I was in the Tarzan PS1 video game, just me? Ok.
10 | New Primark cup for my smoothies and a white background = Instagram worthy shot!
11 | The sun shining down on the glistening waves on the 'wild Atlantic way' ;)
12 | Trying out some new tan since my Cocoa Brown bottle broke (cries) LOVE it. Used it all over my body with some moisturiser and it works so well.

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WHAT I BLOGGED IN SEPTEMBER (I blogged a loooot)


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