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12 Sep 2015

Indian Summer Scenes

There's something so lovely about those unexpected summery days when it is meant to be Autumn. Feeling the warmth of the sunshine on your face instead of trying to shelter yourself from a chilly breeze. Going for long walks in the evening, and feeling the crisp air on your cheeks while breathing in the smell of hay being cut in the nearby fields. My favourite thing to do though is to sit outside with a nice cuppa, leaving my phone inside. It's nice to just tune out from everything, sit and live and think in that moment. Listening to the birds sing or watching a bee make it's way from flower to flower. 

I don't know what I'm going to do as the winter draws in and the days when I can do this get fewer and fewer. My little tranquil space will be covered in rain and frost! I guess, being indoors by the fire with some blankies and hot chocolate will be my little winter haven! Meanwhile, I thought I would take some shots of my garden in these last few sunny days of the year before it gets too cold to spend any time in it and all the greenery and flowers die away. I'm really loving this little Indian summer we're getting at the moment, here's to it lasting as long as possible!


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