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10 Sep 2015

A Blogger & Her Pets | Sammi, Pippa & Harvey

Hey everyone! It's Thursday which means it's almost the weekend, yay! It also means it's time to meet my next blogger who's going to tell us all about her furry friends. This week I am talking to the lovely Sammi from 'Sammi Loobas' about her gorgeous Pugs X Shihtzu  Pippa (3, the black one!) and Harvey  (2, the fawn one!) So if you want to hear about these cute little creatures put your feet up and enjoy!

1. How/Where did you get Pippa and Harvey, were there any reason for choosing this particular breed? We got them both off of Pre-loved, about a year apart. Pippa was our wedding present to each other, my husband had always had dogs growing up, and we wanted that for our children. We'd been looking at smaller breeds basically because our house is small, and we had small children, and we thought they would suit us best. We got Harv almost a year later, as we hated leaving Pippa alone when we went out!

2. Do your two dogs get along well? What are some differences in their personality? Amazingly they get on incredibly well, despite being complete opposites! Harvey is the most affectionate little creature, he loves his snuggles and is a complete attention hog! Pippa is very independent and as stubborn as they come. We get cuddles from Pips usually after a long walk when she's sleepy. And that's it. As such, she's a lot harder to photograph than Harv! I usually have to catch her while she's taking a brief moment to catch her breath, or she's just a black blur across the screen!

3. Do your dogs prefer to lie in by the fire or be out running through the fields? They have their lazy days, but ultimately they want to be outside, and - to our shock - they share our love for long walks. They can ramble with the best of them, and as our boys get older, we're going on longer and longer walks, and it has not phased them. We'd read all these things about only walking pugs as far as you'd be prepared to carry them home!

4. What's the funniest/cutest thing either Pippa or Harvey have done? Harv is the clumsiest pooch I've ever known. If he's not running into glass doors, he's falling asleep on the windowsill and rolling off. And he never learns! Pippa is such a mother, she hates when we're out and the boys wander off too far ahead - especially if she's on the lead and can't reach them. She likes to know where everyone is, which I think is adorable.

5. Do your dogs know any tricks? They know one trick. They'll get up on their hind legs and spin in a circle. They do it every time we get a chew out, and it's still cool to watch.

6. If you could get any other animal or dog breed what would it be? I always wanted a dalmatian growing up (I blame Disney), but I think after having our two petite doggies, that would be a shock to our system!

7. Tell us a bit about your blog and share your links! I have a Lifestyle blog over at Sammi Loobas. I mostly blog about family, food and films, but anything goes! My links are below:


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