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24 Sep 2015

A Blogger & Her Pets | Anna International

Hey everyone! Time for my weekly animal appreciation post haha. If you are more of a cat person you will be happy to know that the series is finally featuring two adorable felines. Dog people, don't  be disappointed because the lovely Anna from 'Anna International' also owns two equally adorable pooches. Anna's cat's names are Tarquin and Julian (epic names right?!) Her dogs are the lovely 10 year old Billy who she adopted from a pound when he was 5 as well as Toto, a gorgeous 4 year old black pug, who technically belongs to her boyfriend! 

So without further ado lets find out a little more about Anna and her furry family.

1. You own two cats and two dogs, what are the main differences between the species from your experience? Do they all get along well? The main difference is that dogs need people - they want your love and attention all the time. Cats want it on their terms, the rest of the time, you may as well not exist (as long as the feed bowl is topped up!). Luckily my cats are both pretty affectionate so we get lots of cuddles. As for getting along well...wouldn't say they're best friends or anything, but they all tolerate each other, and Toto and Tarquin have been known to snuggle occasionally. Tarquin is more into it than Toto though - her face is usually hilarious when he rubs himself on her! 

2. Billy is a rescue dog, is it important for you to get pets this way rather than a puppy farm etc, would you recommend it  to others? I would never buy a dog from a puppy farm, ever. They are horrendous places that care only for the money and not about the animals at all. Rescuing dogs is a great thing to do - so many wonderful animals are homeless through  no fault of their own and deserve a lovely family. I will say that they can be harder to deal with though, especially older ones whose behaviour is already set. I wish that I could have got Billy as a puppy so he would have no need to be terrified of other dogs from his years in the Italian dog pound - it really upsets me that he gets so scared.

3. What is something cute Toto does that makes you laugh/smile everyday? Toto is completely crazy, she makes me laugh constantly! Just her face is ridiculous! I'm not one of those people who is crazy about pugs, I was not that keen on them at all 'til she came to live with us, but I love her now, her facial expressions are hilarious and she looks so funny when she goes to bed at night, wrapped in her blanket, like a miniature nun. 

4. I love the story of how you found your cats Julian and Tarquin,  would you like to share it with my readers?! Sure! Actually, I didn't find them, it was a friend of a friend, driving home from work when a kitten ran out in front of his car (Julian). He stopped and found a box of five more by the side of the road, and a couple were climbing up a nearby tree. He tried to get them down, but they just kept going higher. Eventually he put the rest in his car, and drove to B&Q for a ladder to get the other two out of the tree, one of whom was Tarquin. It actually took him two tries so they were up the tree until the next day! The local RSPCA were full, so he had to re-home them all, and when he said he had two left, that might be put to sleep if they weren't rehomed, well, the rest is history. 

5. Out of all your pets who most likes to cuddle and who is most independent? Billy is funny - he doesn't like to sit on your lap, but he likes to be right next to you, touching you if he can. He loves it if I put my legs up on the sofa, he leaps up behind and curls up in the space behind my knees with his snout peeking over. Toto loves to be on top of you, preferably as close to your face as possible. Which is dangerous because she snorts a lot. Julian is most independent - he's got himself a new girlfriend a few doors down and we don't see him all day now - he still comes in at night to sleep on the bed in the spare room though - it's got the fluffiest feather duvet, he loves to roll about on it. 

6. If I went to visit you where would I find each of your pets?  I've got an old Queen Anne chair next to my desk, which Billy, Toto and Tarquin fight over for most of the day, so as to be as close to me as possible. Julian will be on the bed in the spare room. Unless the fire is lit, then they are all stretched out in front of that.

7. Tell us a bit about your blog and share your links! My blog is all about my life in our new home in Yorkshire, doing up our house, DIY projects that I've made, and things I've cooked, as well as documenting our travels both at home and abroad. If you like home decor on a budget, you should have a read!  Blog || Facebook || Pinterest || Twitter || Instagram

Don't you just love how all the animals have such unique personalities. It sounds that they really make Anna's house a home! I hope you enjoyed hearing about them and be sure to check out her blog, it's brilliant!

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