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3 Sep 2015

A Blogger & Her Pet | Kirsty & Millie

Hey guys and dolls! It's time for my second instalment in my 'Blogger & her pet' series. If you want to find out more and have a peep at last weeks blogger and her lovely pooches click here. This week I chatted to Kirsty from Think Like Kirst  about her gorgeous long haired chihuahua named Millie. I think Millie is so cute and I'm always very interested in long haired chihuahua as my dogs daddy was one! Right, that's enough of the chit chat, here's what I asked Kirsty:

1. What's your favourite thing about having a pet? They love you unconditionally and are always there for you.

2. Millie is such a cute name, is there any reason behind it? Millie was named after Millie Mackintosh from the TV series Made In Chelsea. I was (still am) kind of obsessed with that program and Millie was the best out of all the guys and girls on the programme at the time. She was so sassy but lovely, and a bit girly and - over time, Millie has become a sassy little lion but still lovable and very girly. So I guess that was the right name for her after all! 

3. If you could describe Millie in 3 words what would they be? Crazy, energetic and loving.

4. How is Millie doing now that her best friend Meg has passed away? Do you think you will ever get her another companion? Not too bad -she's always had another dog around since we've had her, so now there's just her I think she gets a bit lonely. Meg was Millie's best friend and one of the only dogs she ever loved. They used to lie on top of each other or chase each other round until one got fed up. Millie was forever teasing Meg! I do think we will get another one but not just yet. The house feels weird with just one dog.

5. Are there any rules Millie breaks a lot?  Not really, just barking at the new bird, eating the pretty plants and she's also a blanket stealer! But if she ever does something really bad, she lies on the floor with her paws over her nose which makes it hard to be mad at her for a long period of time.

6. What are Millie's favourite activities? Running up and down the garden with a toy in her mouth and not giving it back, sleeping, walking, shopping (going to Pets At Home & her secret hiding place aka. her bag), cuddles and playing hide and seek with my pillows. She also does the occasional modelling with my clothes and loves hiding from the camera!
7. Tell us a bit about your blog and share your links! I own a lifestyle and fashion blog, mixed with a bit of music, a bit of Disney and a few Millie related posts. If you like that kind of thing - come over and say hello on Think Like Kirst. You can also follow me and check out more of Millie’s adventures here:  Twitter | Bloglovin' | Facebook | Instagram 


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