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9 Aug 2015

Five Happy Things

Hey everyone, Long time no post, I know! These 'Five Happy Things' post have like, not been consistent whatsoever in months, but hey, what harm?! I felt like doing one for the week gone by because it was a pretty good week which I would love to document and share with you all. So here are the five little things that made me happy this week. 

1 / Visiting Cong - Cong is a very pretty little village about 50 minutes away from me. It's on the shores of a lake and is surrounded by streams. It also has a stunning castle that is a five star hotel. It really is a gorgeous setting so it was nice to take a walk around there and grab a bit of pub grub. I'll share my pictures about this little adventure in a blog post on Wednesday!
2 / Drinks in pub covered in bric-a-brac - My boyfriend and I went to check out a really old Irish pub in the city and it was insaaaane. It was so overwhelming when we walked in the door first because there were things EVERYWHERE. There wasn't an inch of wall or ceiling left uncovered. It was full of antique tools, vintage posters, maritime equipment, it was really fun to chill there for awhile because there was so much to look at.
3 / Lying in the sunshine - This summer has been the worst in 50 years or something crazy so it was really nice to get one dry and bright day this week on Friday. I tried not to waste it, I spent it outside in the city. The city has such a wonderful atmosphere when the sunshine's, everyone is in a great mood and it's so busy around. More please!
4 / Visiting Cousins - On Wednesday my Mum, Sister and nieces and nephew took a trip to visit some of my cousins. It was lovely to see them and spend the day at their house. We went for a bit of shopping too where I bought a new pink blouse with black hearts - oops, I'm trying to save but it was too pretty!
5 / Foooood - So this is a bit general but I feel like I had lots of yummy food this week which always makes me happy. From home-made mushroom soup at my cousins house, to wraps I made myself (pictured), delicious food in the pub in Cong and a little naughty McDonalds thrown in there for good measure. 

I feel like there is something I'm missing that I wanted to talk about hmmm, I don't know! But it sure was a great week mostly thanks to the company of my friends and family.

Let me know in the comments how you are and something you are loving about life at the minute!


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