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16 Aug 2015

Five Happy Things

I have to start by saying how unbelievably cute is that picture of Nicky? He seriously looks like a little fox! I usually put a collage of four photos for my 'Five Happy Things' post but I love this picture so much I thought it deserved a special feature haha. This week and weekend has been very quiet for me but of course, as always, there are things to smile about. So here are my five little things.

1 / New sports wear - I treated myself in 'Lifestyle Sports' this week to some new 'Vans' runners and some 'Adidas' tracksuit bottoms which I love and are so comfy. I haven't taken them off me since. New clothes always cheer me up and I don't often buy sports wear so I'm super happy I got some things I need. 
2 / Tumble in the grass with Nicky & my nephew - Sunny weather means there is no where to be but outdoors soaking up the much needed vitamin D. At the end of our garden we have some overgrown grass so I had some fun playing hide and seek in it with my nephew and doggy. Yes, I know, such a child! There is nothing like being outdoors in the fresh air to lift my mood.
3 / New blog ideas - This week I've been thinking about my blog a lot as I really want to develop more of a regular schedule. I decided I wanted to do a series that involves other bloggers and I've came up with the idea of interviewing people about themselves and their pets. I think it would be a cute weekly feature here because everyone likes looking at cute little creatures! I've got 5 girls signed up to participate already but if you want to be featured in the future email me - dreamingagainblog@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!
4 / Waffles with chocolate and ice-cream - I looove waffles and when I saw they do them in 'Burger King' for only €1.90 I couldn't resist. Yummy. Go check them out if there's a BK near you!
5 / Going to the bog - Ok so this is probably a weird one and a very Irish country one. I'm not sure if everyone around the world knows what a bog is because they are only found in cool-temperate climates. Basically, it's a peat bog where we get turf to burn for heat. This week my dad was bringing ours home from the bog so I had to help him fill and un-fill in to the shed a few trailor fulls. It's pretty tough on the back, all that bending over but I actually enjoyed it. I enjoyed the dad-daughter bounding, the fresh air, wearing old clothes and getting absolutely filthy without it mattering. I am a true country girl at heart.

It was pretty tough to think of five things because as I said it's been such an uneventful week, but there we have it - my five happy things! 

Let me know in the comments how your week & weekend has been and if you have anything planned for the coming week.


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