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18 Aug 2015

Blogs I'm Loving | August

Hey everyone! I absolutely love discovering new blogs. There are so many out there and I am constantly finding new little gems to add to my Bloglovin' feed. I really believe in supporting fellow bloggers so I thought I would share four blogs I have discovered this month that I am really enjoying and that I think you would all enjoy too. So without further ado, lets take a look at my picks and why it is I love them!


Ok first off, April's blog is so aesthetically pleasing and that is an absolute must for me (blog design envy right here!) This blog is right up my street as April shares her experiencecs and adventures through her amazing photographs. She's a seriously talented photographer. Her recipe posts are literally mouth watering but my favourite are her travel posts. She documents her trips from near and far and she makes me wish I was there too! If you like a lifestyle blog, you honestly can't get much better than this. 
My Favourite Post Cruising the Med / Mykonos (and her entire 'Cruising the Med' series)
April's Links - Bloglovin' | Twitter | Instagram


I love discovering great fellow Irish bloggers because there really isn't that many of us around here so I was very excited to discover Amy's blog. This is primarily a beauty blog and I find her posts so informative with crystal clear pictures. I love her 'Currently Loving' posts and her life updates, her personality really comes across in her blog which can be tricky to find in a beauty blog if you ask me. Amy also makes YouTube videos which I need to check out, I have a feeling they're really good if her blog is anything to go by!
Amy's Links - Bloglovin' | TwitterInstagram 


This is another fabulous lifestyle blog that I discovered this month. Pippa's blog consists of gorgeous photos of days out around the UK as well as her town of Lisbon, Portugal. I love posts like this because it allows me to see places in the world that I have never been and it's always interesting to read about what others get up to. I really love getting to know people through their blogs and Pippa shares lots of her life on there which is lovely to follow. I discoverd Pippa's blog through her Instagram which, as the young one's would say "is goals" haha.
My Favourite Post - Brighton Day Trip
Pippa's Links - Bloglovin' | Twitter Instagram


This is another blog I've discovered through Instagram (I've been finding a lot this way lately!) and it is sooo good. It's a beautiful lifestyle blog where Lucy shares her life with us from things that she is grateful for each week, her experience as a newly wed and lots of helpful life advice. I love when bloggers open up and are honest like this. It's just lovely to sit down with a cup of tea, read a few posts and feel like you can really relate to someone. Go check out Lucy's blog - I promise you'll love it, it deserves lots more followers!
My Favourite Post - Thinking Positive
Lucy's Links - Bloglovin' | Twitter | Instagram

I hope you get a chance to check some of these blogs out and love them as much as I do! Each time I share my blog monthly favourites I'm going to add a button for each of the blogs to my sidebar. These will stay there until my next favourites post!
 What are your favourite blogs to read at the moment? Let me know in the comments down below so I can go and have a look.


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